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Single Player Demo online

The single-player demo for Stormregion's WWII RTS with a new twist, Rush for Berlin, has been launched. You can mirror it from here:

or download it from here:;n=rfb_spdemo_setup.exe (Public)

Added Value for Retail Version
The demo features a very unique aspect: The player will be able to copy the exclusive demo mission and use it as an extra advantage when playing their purchased retail copy of Rush for Berlin. Completing the mission the player will capture the famous Maus-Panzer ("Mouse tank") the Germans' mightiest tank and integrate it into his core army. This will prolong the German campaign, and provides new units as well as an extra time bonus. Successfully completing the demo-mission will therefore pay off once the full game has been released.

Latest technology
The demo also features the latest version of the proven Gepard engine, which fully supports Pixel Shader 3.0. The 3D engine delivers amazing pictures and creates a cinematic feeling.

Officers with skills
Rush for Berlin introduces heroic officers with a special skill system which is clearly shown in the demo. The officer unit is an important extra to the army and players will be rewarded for using these units. Officers can level up and use new skills to turn the tide of a battle. Next to the Volkssturm officer and the Tank Ace Officer the player will control the Engineer Officer. He can use the radio controlled Goliath dwarf-tank for example. All prototypes in Rush for Berlin really existed in history.

Demo Plot
The Player will play for Germany and fight the Red Army in 1945 near Vienna at the strategic Kahlenberg Heights. The demo offers main, optional and secret objectives and offers next to the officers also panzers like the Sturmtiger, Koenigstiger and Panther. Also the player controls a factory and infantry units, also offering special skills.

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