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Running With Scissors Sweetens the Holidays, Delivers POSTAL FUDGE PACK!

Software Stocking Stuffer Stacks Five POSTAL Games Plus Extras.


November 13, 2006

Tucson, AZ Santa Claus may ponder whether you've been Good or Bad, but Running With Scissors (RWS) CEO Vince Desi doesn't care if you were naughty or nice - he wants everybody to share in some POSTAL Holiday Fudge.

"What would Christmas be without Fudge?" he asked rhetorically. Fortunately, POSTAL fans and newcomers to the infamous franchise won't have to contemplate such a dire fate. RWS has just released the POSTAL FUDGE PACK, a special edition of the series that brings gamers the entire POSTAL saga, from the original 1997 game to the multiplayer-optional POSTAL 2: SHARE THE PAIN and the climactic POSTAL 2: APOCALYPSE WEEKEND.

But this is the gift that keeps on giving. The POSTAL FUDGE PACK also contains the soon to be legendary fan conversion, ETERNAL DAMNATION as well as the fan mod -A WEEK IN PARADISE, which melds POSTAL 2 action and APOCALYPSE WEEKEND weaponry for seven days you'll never forget.

Then, just when you thought you couldn't swallow another bite, there are the Extras - bits and pieces of POSTAL lore ranging from POSTAL BABES to our favorite video slices from the cutting room floor.

The POSTAL FUDGE PACK is available as a Windows/Linux/Mac hybrid DVD.

"Up yours and Happy Holidays from all of us at Running With Scissors!" wished a jolly Desi while hanging balls on his tree. "Just remember not to eat it all at once."

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