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Running With Scissors' MMA Fighters on Wild Win Streak

All Five RWS-Sponsored Mixed Martial Artists Running Wild


December 13, 2005


Tucson, AZ Ever since Running With Scissors announced its sponsorship of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Drew "The Master" Fickett[http://www.drewfickett.net] this past August, the "World's Most Dangerous Software Company" and developer of the POSTAL game franchise has not only been adding new fighters to its stable faster than The Master can submit a foe, but those fighters have been cutting a swath through the opposition faster than Senators Lieberman and Hillary Clinton can find something new to blame on videogames.

Fickett started the string of victories by choking out Josh Neer two minutes into the first round of their Ultimate Fighting Championship match on Spike TV's "Ultimate Fight Night" broadcast. In his next UFC bout, he knocked out the highly-regarded Josh Koscheck in the final seconds of the third round with a flying knee to the temple and a rear naked choke.

For a change of pace, RWS next sponsored the lovely Hayley "The Hammer" Salazar, who made her pro debut at last September 30th's "Rage in the Cage" freestyle competition, submitting her opponent Nicole Escobido in the first round.

With its MMA mojo working like a Trojan, RWS sponsored lightweight Ed West, who won his most recent "Rage in the Cage" match against tough Reynaldo Duarte. West locked on a brutal armbar in the first round that broke Duarte's limb and led to an ultimate victory by decision.

Unable to stop while on a streak, RWS' thrill-crazed CEO Vince Desi gave the okay to sponsor two new fighters, both of whom competed in the December 10th "Total Fighting" competition in San Diego.

Shane Johnson is 33, six feet tall and weights 215 lbs. He's also a born fighter who vows: "I like to get hit as much as I like hitting other people." Experienced in everything from Mixed Freestyle and jujitsu to wrestling and kick boxing, Shane had no trouble putting on a submission clinic for his 278 lb. opponent Tim Persey before transitioning from a chicken wing to an armbar in the main event. Persey, a supposedly-unbeatable 300+ lb. fighter from the Pride promotion tapped immediately.

The final addition to the RWS stable is 27-year old Freestyle fighter Chad Griggs, a six foot tall, 240 lb. crippler who trains under world famous MMA master Don "The Predator" Frye. Chad took his record to 2-0 by dropping John Tsosie with a thunderous kick to his opponent's left leg, then leapt on Tsosie's back for a ground and pound display and the match was stopped in an impressive 18 seconds.

"At Running With Scissors, we sponsor the people we like, the people who never give up," explained master of the DDT, Vince Desi. "Because they're cut from the same cloth as us, in your face don't beg for mercy style!"

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