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RuneScape new concurrent and active player records

Java MMORPG sees 90,000 players online at the same time as well passing the active player count of 2 million for the first time

22nd December, Cambridge, UK. Jagex, the developer and operator of the 3D Java online adventure game RuneScape today announces that on Tuesday this week RuneScape had a record 90,000 players online at the same time. This coincides with breaking the 2 million active player count for the first time.

'Our active player count, that's the number of people who have played RuneScape in the last 2 weeks, has been growing dramatically over the last few months - so we'd expect to see the concurrent player number record to be steadily increasing too. Last night we saw both active player count and concurrent player numbers set new records.' says Managing Director, Constant Tedder. 'RuneScape is proving that MMORPGs can appeal to all gamers with fun and challenging adventures for all ages. To cope with all these new players we've added new servers in Chicago, with more servers coming online in Seattle soon.'

RuneScape can be played for free unlimited at Players can subscribe at any point for $5/month to gain access to a whole host of benefits including a map that is three times as big, over twice as many quests, whole new skills and priority customer support. Plus members get new content updates every week at no extra cost.

Key facts:

  • browser based 3D massive adventure game
  • 2 million active players of free game (who have played in last 2 weeks)
  • free game is unlimited
  • 183,000 subscribers to members version
  • membership costs: $5 per month
  • 60 game worlds

For further information contact:

Donna Orlowski (

Jagex Ltd, Tel: 0207 736 6300, Fax: 0207 371 8822

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Jagex Ltd is an independent developer and operator of online games. Jagex specializes in persistent character games with immersive environments, all fully 3D and playable in the browser. For more information about Jagex Ltd and its products can be found on the Internet at

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