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Runes of Magic

Savage Lands area discovered.

Berlin, 06.08.2009: Up high, hidden in the tree-tops of the rainforest, the Elves once erected their settlements in the �Savage Lands�. Now Frogster reveals the secrets of this new zone that will make its debut with the launch of �Chapter II - The Elven Prophecy� of award-winning MMORPG Runes of Magic .

Situated north-west of the �Weeping Coast� lies the bastion of the elves. The peaceful atmosphere of the thick forest might be deluding to hapless adventurers, making their way into the woods. But here they have to face the Apeman and worse of all the Naga, who broke through the defensive barriers in the west and started building defensive outposts to secure their supply lines.

Further away, adventurers will come across a small camp: The Fungus Village. Innocuous at the first glance, the Fungus-King and his guards will defend their lands ferociously against any intruder. Player will be able to explore the �Savage Lands� during the final launch phase of the second chapter in September. With the raise of the level-cap in August, the adventure starts for all characters level 52 and above.

More information can be found on the official Runes of Magic Website:

Runes of Magic � a world full of wizardry and adventure

The German and English versions of Runes of Magic were released on 19 March 2009. Anyone can download the online role-playing game for free at: and can plunge into the game world after a short registration process.

With an extensive range of features, Runes of Magic is redefining the standard for free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing games. Runes of Magic features an absorbing story through more than 1,600 quests, in a vibrant fantasy world. Players can choose from six main classes, combined with a secondary class, presenting 30 individual combinations of character classes over all. All characters possess unique skills with impressive combo attacks and can use mounts like war horses and more.

A particularly attractive feature is the ability for players and guilds to arrange and furnish their virtual homes. Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system, exciting PvP and demanding dungeons and boss monsters, there is something for everyone.

Taiwanese developer Runewaker developed Runes of Magic according to western MMO standards over three years. The studio is providing new challenges for players every four to five months with free add-ons and updates. You can find more information, pictures, videos, and the game available for free download via the official website:


� Free-to-play: no monthly fees, free download

� Extensive dual class system (six primary and secondary classes)

� Versatile spell and attack combinations

� Enthralling background story

� More than 1,600 quests and quest series

� No zone boundaries thanks to seamless architecture

� Dungeons: Instanced, tile based, and persistent

� Individually developable skills and spells

� Armour sets with special bonuses

� Dynamic item system with hundreds of runes for upgrading

� Optional PvP system with arena battles

� Ranking system with player-ranking lists

� Multitude of unique mounts

� Epic crafting system with the ability to improve existing items

� Personalization of player houses through individual furnishing

� Reputation system

� Customisable user interface with the option to use Add-Ons

� Map and radar system to easily find dealers, resources and quests

� In-game auction houses for trading items

� Teleport-Runes for instant travel

� Mouse and keyboard controls for movement

� Regular updates with new content

� Guild castles in special zones

� Cross-server fights in three-server-battle and guild wars in development


Title: Runes of Magic

Genre: Fantasy MMORPG

Platform: Windows PC

Publisher: Frogster Online Gaming

Developer: Runewaker Entertainment Ltd.

Release: 19 March 2009

PEGI: 12+

About Runewaker Entertainment Ltd.

Runewaker Entertainment was founded in August of 2004, with the headquarters located in Taichung, Taiwan. The founding members are all very experienced in the field and decided to come together to pursue their own dream. Currently Runewaker employs over 40 highly skilled programmers, designers and artists and is constantly expanding. Runewaker specializes in making massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG). The company has built their own engine from scratch that rivals some of the best that is available out on the market. Their first product, Radiant Arcana (Runes of Magic), is already completed and currently in Open Beta Phase in China. Runewaker is currently producing more content for Runes of Magic. Webpage:

About Frogster Interactive Pictures AG

As a holding with different shares in the computer games industry, the listed Frogster Interactive Pictures AG based in Berlin is focusing on the growth sector of massively multiplayer online games. The company licenses, markets and operates different online games in the German speaking market and internationally. Its Korean joint venture Frogster Asia Co., Ltd. based in Seoul develops MMO Games and markets their own as well as licensed virtual worlds in Asia. Frogster America Inc. based in San Francisco, USA, markets and operates MMO Games in North America since January 2009. At their offices in Berlin, Seoul and San Francisco, the Frogster group employs more than 100 staff members in the fields of development, marketing, PR, web design, community management, customer support, hosting, billing and administration. Internet:

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