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Runes of Magic

Peanut Labs Media's "monetization engine" to enable players to earn in-game currency by completing surveys.

SAN FRANCISCO – August 4, 2009 – Peanut Labs Media, the leader in market research survey based monetization for social media and online games, today announced a partnership with Frogster America. The two companies will work together to implement Peanut Labs Media’s monetization engine into Runes of Magi c, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that is redefining the standard for free-to-play titles.

Founded in December 2008, Frogster America, Inc. is focused on bringing high-quality online games to the North American market. With the Peanut Labs Media monetization engine, players can participate in market research surveys to earn virtual currency. The surveys take 5-10 minutes to complete, are completely anonymous, and provide a fun way for players to support their favorite games.

“Peanut Labs is a perfect fit for Frogster America as we look to keep the game free-to-play for our players,” said Lars Koschin, president and CEO of Frogster America, Inc. “These brief surveys will be very attractive to R unes of Magic players that are looking to earn in-game currency without having to spend any money.”

Monetizing virtual currency is the business model for new social media startups, and a new source of revenue for many established players. Instead of putting obstacles in front of users with mandatory subscriptions or advertising splash screens, the Peanut Labs Media monetization engine acts as an extension of the social media or game experience. Completing a Peanut Labs Media survey or advertising offer rewards the user with virtual currency that can be spent on in-game goods like power-ups or premium site features. The result: revenue superior to traditional display advertising and higher overall engagement.

“Since a network’s virtual economy is an integral part of the user experience, it really matters who you work with,” said Murtaza Hussain, President of Peanut Labs. “Frogster's emphasis on AAA-quality titles and the user experience makes them an ideal fit for research surveys and managed advertising. We look forward to building upon our exclusive partnership with Frogster America.”

About Frogster America, Inc.

Frogster America, Inc., was founded in 2008 to bring high-quality online games to the North American market. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Frogster Interactive Pictures AG, a Berlin based listed publisher of online computer games, Frogster America is located in San Francisco, and focused on the operation and marketing of MMO games that appeal to a global audience. With Runes of Magic, released on March 19, 2009, the company is well positioned for success with a rapidly growing community and strong initial title on which to establish its market presence. For more information, please visit:

About Peanut Labs Media

Pioneers in online virtual currency monetization, the founders of Peanut Labs Media built their monetization platform while searching for a way to make their own social networking site profitable. The experience paid off and in the last three years they’ve helped over 120 partners reach a network average eCPM in the hundreds of dollars, and MMO game companies like Acclaim easily reach eCPMs over $600. Visit for more information.

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