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Runes of Magic

MMO celebrates its second birthday.

It’s almost time! Runes of Magic, the online fantasy role-playing game, invites players to celebrate its second anniversary in style. Between the 14th to the 20th March, there will be a selection of community events giving gamers the opportunity to engage with a host of unique challenges and the chance to win mega loot.

Every player to log into Runes of Magic during the week-long celebration will receive an exclusive in-game package with useful items and the chance of containing an ultra rare mount.

Non-scripted encounters will take place on the Runes of Magic realms, where the community team will be playing live alongside the players. Gamers will have their skills put to the test and anyone can get involved and win prizes simply by taking screenshots of the action, then posting it on the official Facebook page. Additionally, hordes of Frogs will invade the servers and NPC’s will be on hand to offer powerful buffs.

Further information on the Runes of Magic Birthday Week can be found on the official website: http://www.runesofmagic.com/en/two-year-anniversary.html

Thanks for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm of the community and happy second anniversary, Runes of Magic!

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