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Rune Trollebo announces My Worst Day WW2, a tactical WW2 PC game

For immediate release

June 23, 2006

Rune Trollebo is proud to unveil version 1.92 of the PC game My Worst Day WW2, a 3D action tactical First Person Shooter.
It is World War 2, and you are sent as a saboteur into winter Norway to destroy two big German canons. You are dropped from a plane into a large island in a fjord.

This game will introduce you to a new way of playing a 3D FPS game. You are not sent out on some 10 linear, scripted missions. No, it is more like a real military mission: You are sent into the enemy territory without knowing much about where the enemies are, and what they are up to. The intelligence is sparse, close to none. And you will see that you have to find out what is the biggest threat, and start your 'mission' from there. This is the thinking man's game. But still, you have to kill most of the enemies on the island to be sure of success, and be able to leave the island. It is much about sneaking around, sniping, but also fighting at short range. You have to fight on the beaches, in the forest and up in the mountains.

In My Worst Day WW2 you have to use all sorts of weapons, and fight against soldiers, tanks, aircrafts and even a battleship.

Since it is an un-scripted game, you can walk all over the place, wherever you want, whenever you want. This has lead to a great interest in this game among the players that are looking for realistic, real time 3D shooters where you have to sneak around in the terrain, where your tactical skills and patience, and wish to stay alive, is more important than to be able to kill 3 enemies pr second.

In this game there is a good old Hi-score list too. So if you play for increasing your score, you can try to hunt down most of the soldiers on the island.

This game also has a very fun and addictive arcade mode. Yes, this game is made to be played again and again.

My Worst Day WW2 runs on Windows XP/Win2000, 1.6 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, modern 32 MB Video Card, 100 MB Free Hard Drive Space and DirectX 9.0c

It is priced at 20$ (USD). The demo version of the game, hosting all game functionality, but has some time limited use, can be securely downloaded at

Registered game users are entitled to unlimited play, free updates and technical support.

About Rune Trollebo

Rune Trollebo is among the very few independent PC game developers, a one-man team, that dares to make a 3D game, and does both the programming and graphic himself. He is totally dedicated to producing interesting games, distinguished for all-new gameplay, innovative mechanics and high playability. Of course his game face the problem of being compared with the latest of commercial games, made by 30+ peoples, but he knows that there are lots of players looking for just his type of tactically games.

Coming from Norway he has put the game into a Norwegian environment and landscape.

Please visit the game's home page and have a look at the screenshots at

Contact: Rune Trollebo
Company: Rune Trollebo

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