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Runaway for the DS - Official Trailer Available Now!

Runaway, a true phenomenon in the adventure genre on PC with more than one million players throughout the world, is now coming to the Nintendo DS in a new version custom-designed for Nintendo's handheld.

Today Focus Home Interactive is pleased to unveil an official trailer for Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle on Nintendo DS that introduces the first true point 'n click adventure on Nintendo's handheld console. In this trailer, you'll discover some of the game's features - including its unique graphical style and the stylus controls, which are perfectly tuned for this type of game on the DS. An intuitive zoom system offers excellent visibility when exploring the game's expansive environments, while an integrated help system makes it easier to solve some of the more difficult puzzles. Over an hour of amazing animated sequences on par with the best animated movies are included in the game, along with many more exciting features to be announced at a later date.

Download the trailer (16MB)


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For media enquiries, please contact:

Ted Brockwood, Calico Media Communications (on behalf of Focus Home Interactive)

email: ted@calico-media.com

ph. 503.342.8067

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