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Rumour: Sony's iPad rival revealed

PlayStation-certified S1 to cost $599, due September, claim reports

Sony's entry into the tablet market may be an Android-powered 9.4" device known as the S1.

That's according to hardware blog Engadget, which claims to have been tipped off about the rumoured device by reliable sources.

The S1 is purportedly to run Google's Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb, and will feature "PlayStation integration" as well as coming preloaded with PSone games. The impending PlayStation Suite is apparently included.

Engadget's claimed details about the device include a $599 price and a September release. The screen is apparently 1280x800 pixels, while NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor provides the horsepower.

The S1 seemingly has a distinctive design - with one bulbous side designed to look like a folded magazine, which apparently shifts the centre of gravity to make it easier to hold in one hand, as well as prop up on a flat surface.

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