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Rumble Fighter

Online mixed martial arts number launches in Europe today.

London, UK, 28th July 2009 – Rumble Fighter, a compelling and fast-paced online mixed martial arts Fighting game is launching today in Europe. PC gamers from all over the continent can sign up NOW, create a character and start fighting TODAY, absolutely FREE of charge. Just visit this website to register.

Casual MMO publisher OGPlanet today announced the official launch of its first European game, Rumble Fighter. Following a successful Beta period, all European PC gamers are now invited to join forces with friends in the rumble zone, in battles of up to 8 players.

Unlike other Multiplayer Online Games that charge subscription fees, Rumble Fighter allows gamers unlimited access to the battle zone free of charge. Players can upgrade and purchase a large variety of items and skills to enhance and personalise their game play experience. This is done by either earning carats, Rumble Fighters’ in-game currency, through participating and winning battles or by buying Astro’s, OGPlanet’s virtual currency.

To celebrate the full launch of Rumble Fighter, OGPlanet will be giving all players a random in-game Astro item. All players who will have logged in before Sunday, August 2nd at 23;59 will receive their very own surprise!

“Since we opened our Beta trial to all European gamers, Rumble Fighter has received great feedback and our top priority now is to continue offering a high-quality, user friendly game,” stated Stephan Ansari, VP of European Operations. “With our dedicated European client, we can offer a more personalised gaming experience making Rumble Fighter an exciting Multiplayer Online Game (MOG) that blends social online community experiences with casual, easy to pick-up gameplay.”

Gamers are invited to create an online character with a unique fighting style and virtual personality, then scrap it out, online to the bitter end against fighters from all over the Europe.

Pit your fighting wits against fighters throughout Europe across numerous feature-rich 3D environments using a wide variety of fighting techniques and in-game weapons and items.

Rumble Fighter’s Features:

o Free to download and play

o Fully customisable – change your character’s appearance and choose its fighting style and techniques

o Solo and Team modes- choose to battle alone or join forces with friends

o Up to 8 players in the same room

o Easy to learn – casual and fun gameplay makes Rumble Fighter easy to understand and quick to get to grips with

o Hardcore Gamer or Casual Fighter – Rumble Fighter is exciting for players of all abilities, from the “Casual” to the “Hardcore”

o Transform – Rumble Fighter’s unique “ExoCore” systems enables players to evolve during battle and further enhance their character’s attributes

o Upgrade with Astros – use in-game points known as Carats or buy OGPlanet’s universal cyber currency Astros to further customise your characters and buy new techniques, weapons and other items

o Rich graphics – Rumble Fighter’s custom-built graphics engine utilises cell shading techniques and pre-rendered global illumination map textures, creating vibrant rich imagery inspired by Japanese animé

o Available to PC users in Europe from today.

About OGPlanet®

OGPlanet is a leading publisher of online games. The company, founded in 2005, offers a selection of some of the best massively multiplayer online games on a free-to-play basis. Users experience beautiful, easy-to-play multiplayer online games without the obligations of a subscription fee.

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