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RTX to provide wireless controller interface for Xbox 360

The supplier of the technology behind the wireless joypads for the forthcoming Xbox 360 console has been named - with wireless communications expert RTX Telecom being chosen as Microsoft's partner in developing the system.

RTX has partnered with Microsoft to create the wireless interface that the joypads will use, which will allow up to four pads to be connected to each console at once and will be the first wireless joypad solution to actually ship with a console.

In addition, the specification mentions that up to sixteen players can compete against each other by connecting up their consoles with a LAN, which is presumably intended as confirmation that even large numbers of wireless pads in the same area won't interfere with each other.

"Choosing RTX Telecom for developing the wireless game pad was a natural choice," according to Xbox program manager Richard Lum. "Few other companies have the ability to meet our specifications and time requirements. The RTX engineers have a strong track record in implementing the core wireless technology selected for Xbox 360."

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