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RTDynamics releases new RotorLib-based helicopter demo game

Rosenheim, Germany - 20th December 2005, RTDynamics, a leading rotorcraft simulation company, announced that a new demo of their innovative helicopter simulation technology is available. The Battlefield demo game demonstrates dynamics and control capabilities of RotorLib in an interactive way.

Battlefield demo is designed as a small game where the player can fly a UH60 helicopter through a mountainous area and react to AA missile site fire . There are several AA missile sites on the way. Players can perform advanced helicopter attack patterns to engage and destroy or avoid them.

The demo allows almost any computer game literate person to perform helicopter attack and avoidance patterns. RotorLib hides all the complexity of the underlying helicopter dynamics.

Players give high-level commands (like land or engage) to the helicopter using their mouse. Those commands are then carried out by the RotorLib control system.

This demo will help you get a glimpse on following features of RotorLib:

  • terrain following flight
  • controlled turns
  • hovering
  • engagement methods (Bob-up etc.)
  • landing
  • driving flight instruments
  • and more...

A number of video tutorials, showing basic manuevers, accompany the demo.

About RotorLib

RotorLib is a C++ programming library containing a physically based helicopter dynamics simulation model and an easy to use high-level control layer, which fills the gap between helicopter dynamics and the AI code. RotorLib applications include visual simulation and training, helicopter simulators, tactical trainer systems and "serious games".

About RTDynamics

RTDynamics was founded in 2004 to develop and market RotorLib and advanced vehicle dynamics models for visual simulation and game development industries.


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