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RotorLib gets field tested with v1.2 !

Rosenheim, Germany - 12th July 2006, The leading helicopter flight dynamics simulation package gets a major update. The update includes major improvements to the flight dynamics model fidelity and the C++ API. RotorLib customers can immediately upgrade to v1.2 free of charge and use the enhanced flight dynamics models.

V1.2 introduces a new rotor dynamics model capable of better hover and hover to forward flight transitions as well as improved handling of general flight maneuvers.

The ground contact model of RotorLib has also received a major realism upgrade. The new model is more general and allows skid and wheel parameters to be changed easily.

One of the most useful improvements is the new Updater class which solves the nasty simulation step time problems. The Updater class manages the step time in real time simulations where the step time varies continuously. Tests show major stability improvements especially when ground contacts happen.

Numerous other additions like DLL interface examples, new waypoint (and route) following classes and optimizations make v1.2 the most stable and robust version of RotorLib to date.

About RotorLib

RotorLib is a C++ programming library containing a physically based helicopter dynamics simulation model and an easy to use high-level control layer, which fills the gap between helicopter dynamics and the AI code. RotorLib applications include visual simulation and training, helicopter simulators, tactical trainer systems and "serious games".

About RTDynamics

RTDynamics was founded in 2004 to develop and market RotorLib and advanced vehicle dynamics models for visual simulation and game development industries.


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