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Rooster Teeth dismisses allegations of unpaid work, reduces its programming

The company further highlighted internal changes but says Kdin Jenzen was "paid in full"

Rooster Teeth will be reducing its programming this week following the latest accusations of unhealthy work culture against the company.

In a thread posted on Twitter yesterday, the company addressed some of the allegations that were published by former director and content creator Kdin Jenzen. The thread was posted after an official statement was already published over the weekend, and an internal email was sent by general manager Jordan Levin on Monday.

In that internal message, he dismissed some of the accusations as "past events," focusing on recent changes made at the company, and referred to unpaid VO work as a "perk."

In the Twitter thread, Rooster Teeth said it "sincerely apologises for the hateful and harmful behaviour that occurred in the past." It, again, highlighted changes that have happened at the company since a first wave of accusations in 2020, including a new HR team, pay reviews, and the creation of business resource groups.

Concerning the allegations of unpaid work, which Jenzen also reported when she was a contractor in 2013, Rooster Teeth said: "Upon investigation, we confirmed Kdin’s work was paid in full according to our agreements. We will honour our agreements and address any outstanding payments."

The thread also addressed accusations of repeated crunch, saying "there's still room to grow."

"We have gone to great lengths to minimise crunch, especially in animation," it continued. "We removed previous management, are actively implementing key hires across the company, and have integrated management training to develop better schedules and practices."

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