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Roogoo Twisted Towers!

Island details.

Environment 4: Islands

After players trudge their way out of the world of Ice, they will soon find themselves trapped in the mysterious and alluring region of Roo known as the Islands. Keep a lookout because those pesky butterflies have returned to do whatever it takes to keep players from completing their tasks!

The Islands are filled with plenty of opportunities for players to show those nasty Meemoos that they won’t back down from a challenge that easily. Meteors will be falling faster than ever as they come rushing down towards the Islands in groups of one, three, or even ten blocks. The challenges won’t stop there – Meemoos will be traveling by hot air balloons, skydiving by the dozens while tossing bombs, and blocking those magical meteors’ paths in an attempt to stop Roogoo from achieving his goal.

Players will also find themselves with a new meteor shape, the pink heart, for several of the regions. The heart can also be found in the aerial lightning arena, where Meemoos have taken control of several fighter jets and are ruthlessly dropping missiles in an attempt to take Roogoo down once and for all.

Bonus tip! For the people who have their Nintendo DS, they will be able to conquer the meteors in a lightning-fast round of falling meteors.

Environment 5: Underwater

After escaping the allure of the mysterious Islands, players will come across a new, exciting adventure – conquering the vastly undiscovered Underwater environment.

Although players will have successfully fended off those troublesome butterflies, a new creature, the stingray, will come out to hassle players. Players will have to keep a firm watch on their treasure chests and blocks to guide them around the stingrays and away from nasty Meemoo pirates, all while keeping their eyes glued on those tricky platforms! Several of the platforms that players will encounter throughout the sea will be rotating at a lightning fast rate, knocking treasure chests and blocks into the deepest part of the sea. Players will also need to be prepared to get their hands dirty as they’ll find themselves drilling through platforms to get their blocks to their ultimate destination.

At the end of the level, players will have to face off with a kraken, the brutal, notorious master of the sea. Defeating the kraken won’t be easy as players will quickly discover. Quick maneuvering past the kraken’s flailing tentacles is needed to avoid the blocks being flung into the bottomless blue abyss. Once players have steered their blocks to the bottom platform, they’ll then need to skillfully smack the kraken them.

Environment 6: Whale

Players go on an emotional roller coaster ride ranging from euphoric delight (discovering that they’ve broken away from the dangers of the perilous sea with all their limbs intact) to a sad realization that they have, instead, been swallowed by an enormous Whale.

Players soon learn that the inside of the Whale has been littered with everything it’s consumed including an overwhelming amount of obese fish and evil Meemoos. Those wretched fish and Meemoos will find ways to clutter your screen, hassle your blocks, and obstruct your view.

The Whale’s appetite, seemingly insatiable, has also managed to swallow a large fleet of Meemoo ships, leaving players to battle, maneuver, and destroy villainous Meemoos. Accelerated platforms will bring players an additional challenge, but nothing the skilled player won’t be able to handle.

Briefly escaping The Whale to find some fresh air, a giant blimp must be taken down but millions of missiles and Meemoos will do everything they can to keep players from succeeding.

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