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Roogoo Twisted Towers!

Details of the Caverns environment.

Leicester, April 3rd – After exploring the lush Grasslands of Planet Roo, Wii™ players plunge into the dark and creepy Caverns. The beautiful butterflies have been replaced by nimble bats that also share the same fondness for stealing Meteor shapes, so keep an eye out for them.

Roo-cuz tells players about new meteor shapes that fall at faster rates, and teaches them how to drill through obstacles that stop meteors from reaching their destination. The distance between platforms has shrunk for some levels, so players should be careful to align the rapidly descending meteors and have their nets ready to catch stray meteors as well.

Meemoos have returned to steal more meteors from the Roogoo. The Meemoos are also joined by Barry von Pire -- a powerful vampire Meemoo that has the ability to teleport and even transform into bats in order to steal meteors. Players must use previously learned Roogoo techniques to defeat these enemies and safely collect meteors.

After defeating Barry von Pire, players who brought their Nintendo DS™ with them will have a chance to play a bonus level in the Caverns.

The next stop for Nintendo DS players is the enchanted Forest. Within the Forest, players will learn a new Roogoo technique that enables them to battle Meemoos by attacking them with the meteors while they descend.

Flowers are sometimes spread across platforms and they attract butterflies that will pick up collected meteor shapes. Players must be alert and ready to rotate platforms to align shapes with the correct holes because these butterflies carry the shapes upwards. As a bonus for some levels, these butterflies drop the shapes downwards in rapid succession after picking them up. So, the player must be ready to align the platform as usual but at a faster rate, in order to catch the shapes and achieve a better bonus score.

Players also have the ability to build nests and snowmen between levels. A complete nest consists of a nest, an egg and a hen while the snowman consists of a base, body, and head made from mounds of snow.

Before reaching the end of the Forest, players will encounter flipping platforms. With perfect timing, players can manoeuvre shapes through the holes of the flipping platforms to avoid dropping items.

Roogoo Twisted Towers for Wii and Roogoo Attack! for Nintendo DS will be available in Europe this summer.


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