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Roma Victor ® Pre-order Today

For immediate release

16th December 2005

Brighton, UK. RedBedlam Ltd is pleased to declare the pre-order phase open for its Roman Empire based MMORPG Roma Victor®. The first 1,500 account keys are available from the Roma Victor website. The accounts, costing £14.98 each, will come complete with £5 worth of in-game currency (sesterces).

Pre-ordering will also ensure immediate access to the ongoing Commercial Test phase so participants will have the opportunity to join the ranks of current testers helping to balance the game. Additionally, pre-order participants and the game's veteran testers will enjoy exclusive access to the post-launch game world on the Ides of March 2006 - a full 2-weeks in advance of the full launch.

"We're looking forward to opening up our virtual world gradually, and to an ever wider audience," said Kerry Fraser-Robinson, Managing Director of RedBedlam. "We do stress that Roma Victor is still being tested and pre-order customers shouldn't expect a finished game just yet. But we are sure they'll love the features on offer: once they've learned the basic skills, combat and navigation systems, players can quickly learn different crafts and skills to produce everything in the game by themselves, from knives and spears to their houses, workshops and stables."

For more details about the test or to pre-order and experience Roma Victor today, please visit:



Ides of March - Mid-March 2006

Kalends of April - Beginning April 2006

RedBedlam Ltd. was founded in 2001 in order to create virtual worlds and to realise virtual economies. The company's pilot project, Roma Victor® is a non-fantasy MMORPG set at the height of the Roman Empire circa 180CE. RedBedlam is a fully independent privately held company, which remains totally committed to the principals of Community involvement and inter-dependence.

RedBedlam Press Contacts - UK: Nick Witcher

Europe: Bastion, Ciarán Brennan

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