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Roma Victor ® Pre-order & Launch

6th December 2005

For immediate release

Brighton, UK. RedBedlam Ltd is pleased to announce the release dates for its Roman Empire based MMORPG Roma Victor®. The first 1,500 accounts will be made available during a 'pre-order' phase, beginning on the Ides of December. The accounts, costing £14.98 each, will come complete with £5 worth of in-game currency (sesterces).

The game's full commercial release will take place on the Kalends of April '06 when the price of an account becomes £19.98 (which will include £10 worth of


Pre-order players and veteran testers of the VERM® (Virtual Economics Revenue Model) will be able to gain access to the game world on the Ides of March - a full 2-weeks in advance of the public offer.

All testers that have spent any money in order to acquire sesterces during the test will have the virtual equivalent of their total contribution credited back into their virtual balance at the full launch of the game.

"After several years of some tremendous efforts put in by a truly dedicated team and community, we've reached an historic milestone for RedBedlam and its first virtual world, Roma Victor." said Kerry Fraser-Robinson, Managing Director of RedBedlam. "Our open and community-centric approach to design and development has paid dividends and we now enjoy a loyal following that has helped shape an awesome game world. We're now really looking forward to growing and expanding so that new players can join our exceptional community and start exploring the diverse world of Roma Victor."

For more details about the test, pre-order & launch schemes please visit:



Ides of December - Mid-December 2005

Ides of March - Mid-March 2006

Kalends of April - Beginning April 2006

RedBedlam Ltd. was founded in 2001 in order to create virtual worlds and to realise virtual economies. The company's pilot project, Roma Victor® is a non-fantasy MMORPG set at the height of the Roman Empire circa 180CE. RedBedlam is a fully independent privately held company, which remains totally committed to the principals of Community involvement and inter-dependence. Launched in October 1999, is Europe's largest and most popular independent online gaming network, with in excess of 900 game servers.

RedBedlam Press Contacts - UK: Nick Witcher Europe: Bastion, Ciarán Brennan

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