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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Western-Themed Rides, Shops, etc.


Roller Coasters:

- Wooden Roller Coaster

- Wooden Wild Mine - tiny mine trucks run on a zig-zagging wooden track , tilting precariously around hairpin turns and vicious drops

- Wooden Wild Mouse - small mouse shaped cars run on a wooden track, the cars leaning over precariously as they traverse hairpin corners and sharp dips

- Spinning Wild Mouse - mouse shaped gentle spin ride that disorientate the rider

- Wild Mouse Coaster - mice cars zip around a tight zig-zag layout of tracks with sharp corners and short, sharp drops

- Mine Ride - powered mine trains career along a smooth and twisted track layout

- Mine Train Coaster - mine-themed roller coaster trains career along steel roller coaster tracks made to look like old railways tracks

Thrill Rides:

- Bucking Bull - an electronic bucking bull driven by motors and surrounded by barrels of hay

- Rotovator - riders are forced against the wall of this western-themed centrifuge ride

- Lasso - intense centrifuge ride that lifts up at a twenty five degree angle

- Mine-drop - elevator drop ride

- TNT Vortex - sit on the end of a spinning wheel harnessed to "TNT" attached to a swinging arm

- Round-up Ride

Junior Rides:

- Buffalo Roundabout - a gentle roundabout ride where kids ride "buffalos"

around a track

Gentle Rides:

- Western themed ferris wheel where the riders are in carriage-themed cars

- Wild West Show - live show at "Saucy Sal's" runs every 15 minutes showing the Wild West at its best including breaking bottles, shoot outs, balcony diving, trips to the trough

Transport Rides:

- Railway - passengers ride in mini-trains along a narrow-gauge railway track

Other Rides:

- Steeple Chase - ride horse shaped vehicles which run along a single-rail roller

coaster track

Ride Entrances:

- Saloon entrance

- Yukon entrance

Ride Events:

- Danger canyon

- Disaster rockslide

- Oil derrick


Food shops:

- Bison burgers - western themed burgers

- Gold nugget candy - caramel western-themed candy shaped like small golden nuggets

- Steakhouse serving different size steaks


- Root beer stand serving western-themed non-alcoholic drinks


- Head dress sells American-Indian head dresses

- Sheriff balloons

- Western hats (cowboy)


Fences: Barbed wire fences

Walls: Corral ranch walls;

Western themed town walls;

Ironwork and stone walls

Benches: Wooden benches;

Wagon-wheel benches

Other: Miner's path lamp;

Wooden signs

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