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Roll Out

Number one on the French App Store; number two worldwide.

Bulkypix’s award winning game, Roll Out, took the APPStore by storm and within days of release reached #1 paid games spot on the French AppStore, and 2nd overall world wide.

Published by Bulkypix and developed by Fishing Cactus and Artik Entertainment, Roll Out is a thrilling platform/scrolling game that will keep you entertained for hours with fun scrolling puzzles.

Roll Out is published by award winning publisher Bulkypix (Babel Rising, Twin blades, Saving Private Sheep…). "This is one of those game that you will have a hard time putting down." says COO and Head of Marketing, Vincent Dondaine. "Innovation and originality of Roll Out is the proof that creative casual games can become a real successes on the AppStore"

The game is now available on the AppStore for $0.99 Additional updates will be coming soon.

AppStore description

Play as Wabba, a cute little creature and help it get through all of the 50 levels.

One simple goal: touch the screen to scroll the signs and tell Wabba when to speed up or speed down, when to jump and when to stop… Wabba truly depends on your scrolling skills to reach the end of each level!

Help Wabba reach the end of 50 devilish levels and be prepared to face some serious scrolling challenges.

Even more exciting, OpenFeint social gaming service let’s you share your scores and achievements with your friends!

Roll Out is a thrilling platform/scrolling game that won’t shy from asking you some serious skills to complete!

Features of RollOut :

Unique platform game mechanic specifically designed for the iPhone! 50 levels of crazy scrolling platforming action! Several gameplay elements to spice things up as you progress in the game! Collect trophies and make your way to the highest spots on the leader boards! Open Feint, Facebook and Twitter compatibility!

Trailer :

RollOut Website :

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