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Date of release - 3rd July 2006 Publish date - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE .. release starts Heber Limited, designers and manufacturers of electronic control systems for the Gaming and Amusement industry, is pleased to announce that it is able to supply gaming control systems that fully meet RoHS legislation that became law within the European Union (EU) on 1st July 2006. Any product sold within the EU after 1st July must comply with RoHS legislation. Over the last 18 months, Heber has been sourcing replacement components for its gaming control systems. Any component that contained a banned substance such as lead or cadmium has had to be replaced in order to meet the RoHS legislation. For Heber this has meant amending bills of materials and sourcing new and replacement components from its suppliers. Many components have become obsolete which has meant finding suitable replacement components from alternative suppliers. "It's been a challenging few months for the Heber Purchasing Department," said Tania Bailey, Purchasing Manager. "Heber is fully prepared for RoHS legislation that has come into effect. With careful planning, stock control management and working closing with our suppliers we have been able to ensure that we can supply product that fully complies with the RoHS legislation." The law is very clear as far as Heber is concerned. Any new control system sold within the EC must be RoHS compliant. Heber has made sure that all new products that were in development before the RoHS Directive became law use RoHS compliant components. Any control systems that were sold before the RoHS Directive became law can be repaired or replaced with control systems that were non-RoHS compliant when new. Heber can also supply non-compliant products to customers outside the EC but there is an expectation that all product, whether sold outside of Europe or not, will eventually be RoHS compliant. Further information about RoHS is available from the UK Government DTI website: For further information about Heber Limited visit or phone +44 (0) 1453 886000. .. release ends PR75, 80 -16549 Issue 52, Issue Date JULY-06 For further information contact Richard Horne. Email: Editor's Notes Heber's core market is the design, development and manufacture of electronic control systems for the gaming and amusement industries. With over 20 years experience within the market place Heber has created the Pluto range of Embedded Reel Control Systems, which are in use with major manufacturers in over 400,000 machines world-wide. The Calypso range of video cards have been designed to interface with Pluto 5, Pluto 5 Casino and Pluto 6 and add high performance graphics for gaming applications. The latest version of the Pluto 6 board enables dual video performance when two Calypso 32 video cards are fitted. The Axis range offers a compact, dedicated multimedia controller, with high levels of security and multiple connectivity options. Heber Limited also offer the Firefly high powered multimedia gaming system and is ideal for use in high performance video games and terminal applications. Based around PC technology, the Firefly systems provide all components (such as a processor, a hard drive etc) required to get a machine up and running. The X10i peripheral board complements any PC based platform that has a USB port, adding the control, I/O and security needed in modern amusement or gaming machines. Heber produces Development Kits for its Pluto, Axis and Firefly X10i controllers. The Development Kits provide an ideal test environment for gaming system developers. Heber products can be ordered from its Chalford Office in the UK or from its Distributors in Buenos Aires, Chicago, Sao Paulo, and Sydney.

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