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Rodent Game Awards 2007 – RESULTS!

Way of the Rodent's antidote to the Game BAFTAs were recently awarded in the salubrious surroundings of a fine old London pub.

Controversy, tears and tiaras, and group Portal karaoke - the night had it all

Oh! It's the Original Spirit of Videogaming!

Following hot on the heels of another extraordinary year for videogaming, the Rodent Game Awards - Sponsored by Deep Silver celebrated the wonderful titles that lit up 2007. Big PR and Marketing budgets counted for nought here - though there were big winners from the big stables, heroic minnows such as Earth Defence Force 2017 were also able to take centre stage.

Indie-spirited Portal was the night's big story and, controversially, the winner of the 'Most difficult moment in a videogame to explain to the missus' award hadn't even been nominated

For a full list of winners and a boozy write-up of the event please wander over to http://wayoftherodent.com/features/RodentAwards2007Results.htm

Thank you to Deep Silver for the kind event sponsorship, thank you to the industry-types who came along and thanks videogaming for a bloody brilliant 2007.

www.WayoftheRodent.com - you lucky people!

Award Winners for 2007 in full:

Game of the year 2007

Portal (Multiplatform)

Runners up: Super Mario Galaxy, Halo 3, Bioshock, Forza 2, Crackdown

2006 Winner: Ridge Racer 6

Gameplay: Best game level

Level 19 - Portal

Runners up: All Ghillied Up - CoD4, Fort Frolic - Bioshock, Nottingham - Resistance: Fall of Man

2006 Winner: Tivliz Asylum - Black

Gameplay: Most difficult moment in a videogame to explain to the missus

Sitting on the sofa watching telly with your girlfriend - The Darkness

Runners up: Space and time - Portal, Oooh missus - The Witcher, Sticky Star Power - Guitar Hero II, Muttering Mentalist - Zelda Phantom Hourglass

2006 Winner: Dead Rising - Gay Cowboy Outfit

Gameplay: Big Grin

Super Mario Galaxy - Start to finish

Runners up: Still Alive - Portal, Mothership takedown - Earth Defence Force 2017, Rally of Japan - DiRT

2006 Winner: DEFCON - Oops! Sorry New York!

Technical Achievement: Bestest Explosions

Crackdown - Car pyres

Runners up: Motorstorm, Halo 3, Flatout Ultimate Carnage

2006 Winner: Black

Technical Achievement: Synthesised 'Ghostbusters!' Memorial Voice and Character

Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

Runners up: The entire cast of Bioshock, GlaDOS, Unnamed DJ - Umbrella Chronicles

2006 Winner: Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)

Technical Achievement: The Holy Shit will you just look at that Eyes of Jesus Award

Bioshock - Opening ocean sequence

Runners up: First vantage point - Assassin's Creed, Helicopter flight - Call of Duty 4, Uncharted

2006 Winner: New Award

For the People, with the People: Best game to play with your mates

Big Team Battle - Halo 3

Runners up: Online races - Forza 2, Pro 5v5 - FIFA 2008, Multiplayer - Call of Duty 4

2006 Winner: Gears of War

For the People, with the People: The 'Ooh, can I have a go please' award for most inclusive game

Super Mario Galaxy

Runners up: Wii Sports, Guitar Hero III, Singstar (PS3 version)

2006 Winner: Wii Sports

For the People, with the People: The 'This-is-Bleedin'-Ace-What-the-Hell-Were-FEDGE/GamesTUM-Thinking' Unexpected Diamond Award

Earth Defence Force 2017

Runners up: The Witcher, Jetpac Refuelled, FIFA 2008

2006 Winner: New Award

Rodent Readers Award


2006 Winner: Guitar Hero

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