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Rodent Awards 2006 – This Thursday!

Small number of extra tickets squeezed out of some sort of magic ticket-making machine.

On Thursday the least fine of the world o'videogaming will be huddled together for warmth and mutual touching in a London pub basement.

Oh! It's the Original Spirit of Videogaming!

Preparations for the first ever Rodent Game Awards continue to race-ahead like a stone on fire. We've bought some frames from IKEA and are trying to work out how to make our printer make nice award certificates AS WE SPEAK.

Having filled our original allocation of 75 places we are pleased to announce that an additional dozen guest tickets are now available. Follow the link to snaffle these last few places:

Confirmed guests include representatives of Sony, EA, Criterion, Introversion, Sega, Koch Media, BBC, Gamespot, thelondonpaper, Kotaku and The Guardian. As well as our mate Steve who works for Medway County Council. Join them!

A full list of Awards Categories and Nominees can be found below and at

Sponsorship opportunities still available: hahah a ha hahahaha hahah ah. - you lucky people!

Award Categories and Nominations for 2006 in full:

Game of the year 2006

New Super Mario Brothers (DS)

Ridge Racer 6 (360)

Black (PS2/Xbox)

Guitar Hero I/II (PS2)

Loco Roco (PSP)

Zelda: Twiglett Princess (Wii)

Gameplay: Best game level

Tivliz Asylum - Black

First Planet - Loco Roco

The Fenix Estate - Gears of War

Freebird - Guitar Hero II

Gameplay: Most Completed Game

Guitar Hero I

Loco Roco

Ridge Racer 6

Polarium (GBA version)

Gameplay: Most difficult moment in a videogame to explain to the missus

Dead Rising - Gay Cowboy Outfit

Xbox Live - Playing RR at 5AM across continents

We Love Katamari - Rolling around and that

Loco Roco - All of it

Gameplay: Best first day with a game

Guitar Hero

Dead Rising


FIFA 2007 (360 version)

Gameplay: Best involuntary yelp

Black - Ending level three

Gears of War - Stumpy blood, blood

DEFCON - Oops! Sorry New York!

Loco Roco - All of it

Technical Achievement: Bestest Explosions


Shadow of the Colossus


Neon Wars

Technical Achievement: Most convincing virtual actor/actress

Alyx (HL2 Episode 1)

Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)

Makoto (Enchanted Arms)

Agent47 (Hitman: Blood Money)

Technical Achievement: Best polygon in a supporting wall

Big chunk of random road - PGR3

Big fucking Rocks - Gears of War

Weak-spot Indicator - Shadow of the Colossus

The space between the ball and the headers' head - FIFA2007 (360 version)

Best game for making you miss your bus stop

Elite Beat Agents

New Super Mario Bros

Every Extend Extra

Loco Roco

Best unexpectedly-good shoehorned license or existing IP

Mario Hoops 3 on 3

FIFA 2007 (360 version)

Lego Star Wars II (all versions except the awful unfinished DS and PC ones)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Best game to play with your mates

Guitar Hero II

Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii version)

Ridge Racer 6


The 'Ooh, can I have a go please' award for most inclusive game

Wii Sports

42 All Time Classics

Guitar Hero I

Singstar Rocks

Best game with Rodent Magazine in the credits

Mercury Meltdown

Rodent Readers Award

Voting in progress - results TBA

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