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Rod Humble takes the reins at TinyCo

Former Sims head calling the shots at Jam City studio behind Avengers Academy and Futurama: World of Tomorrow

Rod Humble has taken over at Jam City's TinyCo, as reported by VentureBeat. The former CEO of Second Life maker Linden Labs and head of EA's Sims brand recently moved over from Jam City's other San Francisco-based studio to helm the team behind Avengers Academy, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, and the recently released Futurama: World of Tomorrow.

"I love growing businesses, and I love working with creative talent to make games which have mass market appeal," Humble told VentureBeat. "It has been a very fun and successful year at my current studio where we are currently hitting all-time highs both financially as well as in terms of game popularity. TinyCo has a strong track record of successful narrative and character based experiences which has been an interest of mine for some time. The opportunity to help grow another one is very exciting to me."

Humble will take over from TinyCo founder and CEO Suleman (Suli) Ali, who will continue to advise Jam City, but is going to focus on other entrepreneurial ventures for the time being. As for the Jam City studio Humble leaves behind, that will be presided over by Matt Gaiser, who has served with Jam City in various production roles for the past five years.

Jam City acquired TinyCo just over a year ago (and just prior to changing its name from SGN), saying the acquisition helped it diversify the types of games it was offering.

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