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Rockpool Games reveals advanced development techniques for wireless.

Manchester, UK. May 2005 - Leading wireless games developer Rockpool Games is pushing new boundaries and is streamlining wireless development as it reaps the benefits of its proprietary CoralTM Build Technology. This Rockpool developed middleware solution has been revolutionising Rockpool's development process and is allowing more flexibility and greater creativity in all areas.

Coral's primary benefit is its ability to maximize the potential for each and every handset allowing faster development times across a great range of handsets using both J2ME and Brew. Its unique tools simplify certain aspects of development such as localisation and multi-handset drops that previously prolonged the development process. Coral's centralized codebase lowers maintenance required during development and has eliminated errors that could occur in conventional mobile development environments.

"Working within an abstracted open architecture allows our games to be developed without worrying about the caveats of a particular device," remarked Rockpool's CTO, Adrian Waterhouse, "this is especially true with 3D content where the direction of handset manufacturers is still fluid."

Coral's technology has also enabled Rockpool to enrich its graphical content in all of its wireless games through its unique advanced composite system. This system allows up to five times more graphical content compared to games produced without the help of Coral's revolutionary tools. The advantages are clearly apparent as games developed using Coral have many additional features right across the board.

One of Rockpool's games which takes advantage of this extra content is a wrestling game currently under development for THQ Wireless. With the amount of animation and moves involved in such a game the result using conventional methods would allow only 2 individual characters in the game. Whereas using Coral Rockpool has been able to create 15 unique characters all sharing the same animation set.

Coral has allowed Rockpool to spend more of the development time concentrating on creativity and original game content which in turn is allowing Rockpool Games to lead the way in wireless game development.

Notes to editor:

About Rockpool Games

Rockpool is one of world's premier developers of games and content for mobile devices. Based in Manchester and London, Rockpool's UK studios develop compelling licensed and original content for the market's leading global companies such as THQ Wireless, Sorrent, Player One, Mforma and Siemens Mobile.

As a trusted developer and brand guardian, Rockpool has built licensed games based on some of the world's biggest game franchises such as Tetris, Worms, MotoGP, WWE and Impossible Mission. Over the last three years Rockpool has created numerous original games and entertainment titles and we have won numerous awards including a BAFTA nomination.

Rockpool's expertise comprises 2D and 3D gaming in both J2ME and Brew and through the use of its proprietary CoralTM Build Technology is able to support the broadest device base to create maximum accessibility and sales of product.


Rebecca Gibson

Marketing Manager

Rockpool Games


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