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Rockford™ takes off his 'hat'?

The new Boulder Dash®- ROCKS!™ trailer shows Rockford™ at work and lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding his new look

Darmstadt, November 21th 2007 -Dyed-in-the-wool Boulder Dash® fans will remember Rockford as an insect-like creature, and may just be more than a little surprised upon seeing Rockford's new look in his new title "Boulder Dash®-ROCKS!", due for release on the Nintendo DS on November 22nd 2007 in Europe and on the Sony PSP in the first quarter of 2008. Did he just fall into a vat of blue paint, or did some cosmetic surgery go drastically wrong? www.boulder-dash-rocks.com now officially reveals the secret behind his new look!

First Star Software, Inc.'s tricky puzzle and dexterity game made its debut in the early 80s and continues to fascinate its large fan base making it a classic in the history of interactive entertainment. Now Boulder Dash® is back with a hot new look to take the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP platforms by storm. The hit game's principle remains unchanged: players have to collect sparkling diamonds while avoiding numerous traps and beating opponents to reach them, all the while watching out for falling boulders.

Each platform version contains four gaming modes. In addition to the classic single-player mode, taking players through 80 levels across four different game worlds, Boulder Dash®-ROCKS! now offers a new multi-player mode and two additional play modes. When developing Boulder Dash®-ROCKS! a new game and different, game mode was custom designed for each of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP platforms, modes never seen before in any Boulder Dash® game.

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Listed in the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 10TACLE STUDIOS AG (WKN: TACL10, ISIN DE000TACL107) is one of Europe's leading independent developers and producers of high-end computer and video games. 10TACLE STUDIOS AG produces top-quality products that meet international development standards, and its product portfolio covers all relevant, high-growth segments in the games market. Currently, around 440 employees work for the Company at its headquarters in Darmstadt and the development sites in Hanover, Duisburg, London, Charleroi, Bratislava, Budapest and Singapore. 10TACLE STUDIOS AG's revenue increased in the first six month of 2007 to 19.4 million EUR (first six months 2006: 12.71 million EUR). During the same period, EBIT increased sharply to 3.37 million EUR (previous year: 2.3 million EUR).

About First Star Software, Inc.:

Founded in 1982, First Star Software develops, licenses and publishes games across all platforms including cell-phones, hand-held devices, home computers and next generation consoles. A privately held corporation, First Star's titles are distributed extensively worldwide. For more information please visit http://www.firststarsoftware.com or contact: Dianne Press diannepress@firststarsoftware.com 914.238.3073


Based in Duisburg, Germany 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE GmbH, a subsidiary of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG, was founded in 2006 to supply the growing market for mobile entertainment media. The development studio ports 10TACLE STUDIOS AG house brands onto portable video game systems such as the Sony PlayStation® Portable and Nintendo DS, develops their own concepts and brands and works on co-published titles such as "Boulder Dash - Rocks!". 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE GmbH currently employs a staff of 26 under the management of Alexandra Gerb.

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Boulder Dash®-ROCKS! Published by 10TACLE GROUP. Co-Published by FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. BOULDER DASH, FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. and its logo are registered trademarks of First Star Software, Inc. The names Rockford and Crystal are trademarks of First Star Software, Inc. Boulder Dash ® 1984, 2007 FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. All rights reserved. Boulder Dash-ROCKS! was created and developed by 10TACLE MOBILE GmbH with FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. Audio visual material, certain proprietary software and new and distinctive game and character art of Boulder Dash-ROCKS! are trademarks of and ® 2007 10TACLE GROUP and Asia Games & Media Private Equity Fund.

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