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Development platform to be demoed at GDC.

RocketFuel is a proven cross-platform development environment that has already made it possible to quickly deploy games to a large number of platforms and devices with minimum effort.

"At a time when games can turn into franchises overnight, it has never been more important to be able to quickly deploy products across multiple platforms" explains Thomas Nielsen, CEO of Progressive Media. "With the competition that's out there, you need fast time to market and ability to reach large audiences in order to be profitable. That's exactly what RocketFuel was built for."

RocketFuel allows you to build a game once, and deploy to a large number of devices and platforms: Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, J2ME, Brew, Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PSP.

In addition to automatic cross-platform deployment, RocketFuel provides unrivalled fragmentation handling, removing many of the "straight port" limitations.

"There are a few good technology solutions that will help you deploy top quality games to multiple platforms", says Thomas Nielsen, " - But the reality is that no game can or should be completely identical across platforms. You need to leverage everything you can, while also designing specifically for each platform or device - RocketFuel is the only solution we know of that provides this amount of control over what you re-use and what you re-think across platforms. We believe that's the best way to invest in any cross-platform content".

More than 5 years in the making, RocketFuel has already powered several high profile games across a number of platforms.

Game publishers looking to expand their reach are welcome to schedule a meeting with Thomas Nielsen ( for an introduction.

About Progressive Media:

Progressive Media is a Denmark-based developer of casual and core games. Over the past 5 years, the company has successfully produced a number of critically acclaimed products for leading global publishers across a broad range of gaming platforms.

Contact information: Thomas Nielsen, CEO.

Progressive Media

Slotsgade 27, 2

9000 Aalborg


Tel. +45 299 15 999


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