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Rocket Riot

Xbox 360 party shooter headed for Windows Phone 7.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – October 26 th 2010 – After the success of last year’s Rocket Riot™ on the Xbox 360, the colorful party shooter is now available on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. The first Windows Phone 7 phones with the new operating system were made available in stores on October 21 st, across a variety of countries in Europe. Rocket Riot is among the first titles to launch.

Rocket Riot is an explosive arcade shooter, which combines the eight-bit era style from the eighties with a modern twist. Armed with a bazooka and a jetpack, you battle against hordes of strange and funny enemies, in a destructible environment. Last year, Rocket Riot won the Dutch Game Award for Best Visual Design for de Xbox 360 and is now the first Windows Phone 7  game, which has been developed in the Netherlands. And that is something Dutch developer Codeglue is proud of.

Peter de Jong, CEO Codeglue:

“When we started on this project, we were a bit skeptical if we could create the same explosive experience as we did on the Xbox 360, due the fact that we were developing for a mobile phone. Fortunately, the contrary was true. We think that the Windows Phone 7-version is every bit as explosive than its older counterpart!”

About Codeglue

Codeglue is a Dutch developer based in Rotterdam that focuses on casual connected videogames for the last generation consoles and handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. The videogames from Codeglue are fun, compelling and are distinguished because of their simple but innovative controls and their distinctive visual style.

Codeglue’s portfolio consists of several licensed games, such as Worms World Party, Monkey Ball, Lemmings, Happy Tree Friends and own IP’s such as Hydrotilt and Rocket Riot for example.

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