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Price robo-killed to 99¢.

February 1st, Georgia, USA - Nothing is a more appropriate expression of the ideals of Valentine's Day than a giant mech raining hot lead on all who stand before him. Thus, Wandake is proud to offer Robokill - Rescue Titan Prime on iOS for a mere $0.99, the lowest price ever! Act fast though, as this special offer ends on February 20th. calls Robokill "The dual-stick shooter we've been waiting for" and now you have absolutely no reason to wait any longer. Wandake's Valentine's Day gift to gamers around the world is mech-on-mech violence for only a dollar, and if there's a better way to say I love you then we don't know what it is. This price cut is available across all platforms, making the game an absolute steal on the iPad.

Robokill is a twin-stick shooter which tasks players with carefully navigating room after room filled with baddies, traps and treasure. Upgradeable weapons and armor, as well as an integrated leveling system, allows players to absorb more punishment and dish out more damage in return as they play through the game. Furthermore, the brand new Survival mode pits gamers against increasingly aggressive and powerful enemy hordes, challenging them to hold out as long as possible against overwhelming odds.

For more information regarding Robokill for iPhone including screenshots and tutorial video, please visit:

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Wandake, LLC is the game publishing division of Sourcebits, Inc. and has published some exceptional titles like Wake Up the Box, The Gun Game and The Plateau on the App Store.

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