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iPad dual-stick shooter now available for iPhone too, with new controls and a $0.99 price tag.

December 20th, Georgia, USA

Wandake, LLC today announced that Robokill has made its debut on iPhone and iPod Touch,  available now on the App Store for an introductory sale price of $0.99.

Robokill for iPad was an instant hit on the App Store and was highly acclaimed by users throughout the globe. In fact, some of the reviews by top bloggers and gaming sites speak for themselves:

It’s got my son and me fighting over my iPad. Fun to play and the graphics are terrific —

If you’re an iPad-owning adrenaline junkie, don’t think twice before picking up Robokill —

The Definitive Dual Stick Shooter —

Robokill is highly recommended —

The user interface of Robokill has been rebuilt from the ground up. In fact, the intuitive HUD controls developed specifically for iPhone take the gaming experience to an entirely new level!

The gameplay of Robokill revolves around a mission to liberate Titan Prime from hostile enemy forces. The future of the spaceship lies in your hands as you attempt to clear out the hostile bots across 13 action packed missions.Knock out motion-sensing gun turrets and blast your way through room after room of swarming droids to liberate Titan Prime. Destroy the enemy spawning hubs while avoiding deadly falls, electro-charged mines and killer traps. Gain experience, pick up abandoned weapons and shields, collect cash and hidden loot to upgrade your Mecha with a powerful suite of new armaments and defensive tools.

Robokill for iPhone features:

• 460 rooms with 13 hardcore missions

• Stunning graphics optimized especially for iPhone

• Blazing fast gameplay

• Uber-responsive controls

• Awesome original soundtrack

• A smooth learning curve with increasingly challenging maps and smart enemy AI

• Inventory for customizing onboard weapons before each new battle; try different combos of arm and shoulder-mounted guns, shield boosters and emergency repair packs

• Detailed weapons stats & in-game weapons feedback for kickback, fire rates and damage estimates

• Experience points

• Character progression

• Hidden power-ups

• Weapons and gear drops

• Map-based exploration

• Checkpoints / teleportation nodes

• Cash and hidden loot to purchase upgrades in the virtual shop

“We wanted the user to experience the same intense gameplay and superior graphics on iPhone, so we built it from scratch with the notion in mind that the game remains as enjoyable and engaging as it was on iPad”, said Rohit Singal, CEO of Wandake, LLC.

“We made sure that the controls on iPhone are intuitive so that the user can focus entirely on blowing the droids apart and enjoy the immersive gameplay.”

So what are you waiting for? Reload your weapons, sharpen your aim and get ready to take on the hostile enemy forces.

Robokill for iPhone is now available on the App Store  in two different versions — A lite version for Free and the full-version for $0.99

View the gameplay trailer here:

For more information regarding Robokill for iPhone including screenshots and tutorial video, visit:

Download the digital press kit here:

Media Contact:

Members of the press interested in trying out Robokill for writing reviews can contact Adit Gupta ( to get the promo codes.

About Wandake

Wandake, LLC is the game publishing division of Sourcebits, Inc. and has published some exceptional titles like Wake Up the Box, The Gun Game and The Plateau on the App Store.

About Sourcebits

Sourcebits is a software development company with offices in Bangalore, India and Atlanta, USA. Established in April 2006, the company employs 250+ award-winning developers and designers. Sourcebits is at the cutting edge of emerging technologies and has quickly become one of the world’s top destinations for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, BlackBerry, Adobe AIR and Web application development.

About Rock Solid Arcade

Rock Solid Arcade are the original developers of the immensely popular Flash version of the game, on which this exclusive iPad version is based on —  

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