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Robby Naish/TWELVE deal

Windsurf champ signs with Italian developer for series of water sports games.

CROTONE, ITALY - November 02, 2009

TWELVE, an European game development company and the legendary Windsurf World Champion, kitesurfing pioneer and allround waterman Robby Naish, are proud to announce a multiyear license agreement to create a new videogame Franchise of Windsurf, Surf and Kitesurfing videogames for all Consoles, PC, Handhelds and iPhone.

Robby Naish says: “I am really excited about this partnership. The gaming world is ready for some top level interactive games featuring these dynamic water sports, and I know that we can create a truly unique product. My goal is to bring the true dynamic of windsurfing, kitesurfing, and even the new sport of standup paddling as close to the user as possible... and to hopefully entice more and more people to get outside and enjoy for real the sports that I love so much!”

Giuseppe Crugliano, Managing Director and founder of TWELVE says “Thanks to this partnership, we have the opportunity to work on the biggest game productions based on the world of extreme water sports. The big name of Robby Naish, will not only bring a great Marketing Value, but his incredible expertise will give our productions to an unprecedented quality levels”

Twelve is looking for Publishing and production partners for all formats.

For more information please contact:

Giuseppe Crugliano

Managing Director of Twelve

About Robby Naish:

Robby Naish won his first windsurfing world championship in 1976 at the age of 13 and went on to win a total of 23 world titles through his professional career.... etc etc. I would include the bits about taking on the sport of kitesurfing in the '90s and has become a figurehead in the emerging sport of standup paddle surfing as well.

If there was any one man to rule the ocean waves, who could adeptly navigate the choppiest waters of the deep blue sea, it is likely that one man would be Robby Naish. A legend of the windsurfing world in his own right, Robert Staunton Naish was born inside the sunny state of California. He spent his early years in San Diego, among the La Jolla beaches where surfers flock to the ocean shores like a swarm of seagulls flock to a school of fish. But, perhaps surfing was already bred in his DNA, as his father, Rick Naish was no stranger to the world of surfing, himself. He had been a competitive surfer, and was even granted the honor of being featured in the very first issue of Surfer Magazine.

In 1968 Rick Naish moved the family to Hawaii, where they lived in Kailua on the island of Oahu. As if there was nothing else to do for a seemingly natural born surfing legend, a young Robby Naish set his sights high on the sport of windsurfing just as it was being born. At just 13 years old, he shocked the world when he won his first world championship in 1976, becoming the youngest world champion in the history of windsurfing. The following year in Sardinia, Italy, he elongated his success, continuing with awe-inspiring allure as he dominated yet again. His reign took on a life of its own, refusing to relinquish the crown, and year after year Robby Naish held the championship title, nearly insulting adult competitors who ranked beneath him.

By the 1980's Naish had clearly become the legend he was born to be. He spent the decade traveling extensively around the world, competing in more than 20 countries each year. Not a single soul could match his talent. As fluently as water swallows a shore, the windsurfing champion put away all four titles of wave riding, slalom, overall, and championships in the inaugural Pro World Tour in 1983. He repeated this same accomplishment again in 1984, and continued winning the overall up to 1987. Naish managed to take an impressive 23 world windsurfing crowns. This feat put him into the Laurens World Sports Academy's Global Legends of Sport.

Robby Naish, at this point, could have taken a seat and enjoyed pampered notoriety of great success for the rest of his years. There are die hard fans of Robby Naish that will never lay down their loyalty to his legend status. But with the same hard driven spirit that sent him soaring the heights of windsurfing championship, Robby Naish took on the reigns of kiteboarding.

It was in the 1990's that Naish took on kiteboarding, and he spoke affectionately about this time in his life, saying, "It was something different. It was an extension of windsurfing and surfing, which are what my life is about. Kiteboarding extended your time on the water when conditions weren't perfect. If there wasn't enough wind or crappy surf, you could still go ride."

Naish indubitably garnered the same type of success in kiteboarding as he had held in windsurfing, taking the kiteboarding world slalom title in 1998, followed by world titles in both slalom and jumping in 1999.

Naish has had a substantial career in sports, accomplishing more than most athletes. His amazing legend status has demanded the admiration of supporters to every sports discipline. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of basketball or the hockey field, windsurfing or whitewater kayaking. The sports world, and international world of spectators, alike, all take their hats off to a man who is as much genius to water sports as Shakespeare was to literature. Windsurfing, and kiteboarding, as well, simply would not be what it is today without Robby's passionate and talented contribution to the sport.

About Twelve:

Twelve is an Italian game development company founded in 2003 by Giuseppe Crugliano. Based in sunny Crotone, in just a few years the company has become one of the most important console game developers in Italy, thanks to CID The Dummy (previously Crash Dummy), an action platformer for Wii, DS, PSP, PS2, PC. The company is a PS3,360,Wii, DS, PS2, PSP developer. Work is currently underway on The Circle: martial arts fighter, a stunning fight game for Wii, PSP go and PC, featuring lots of sports elements, tournaments and multiplayer street fights. The team is currently behind the development of TARZAN for PS3,360 and PC, an AAA Title scheduled for a 2012 release.

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