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Rising Kingdoms demo, now available!

You have probably seen it or played it already, but the Rising Kingdoms demo is now officially available, only one month before headed the release.

Rising Kingdoms is one of the most innovative Real Time Strategy games this year and will bring a huge set of improving feautures to the game.

This demo allows you to taste some of these; It includes a tutorial, two multiplayer maps that can be played over LAN, the Internet or against A.I., one mission from the Foresters campaign, and a full-featured map editor. The player will be able to experience one of the three available major races - the Foresters, as well as two of the five minor races.

Full listing of the game features included in the demo:

  • Tutorial
  • Two multiplayer maps (that can be played over LAN, Internet or against A.I.)
  • One sample mission from the Foresters campaign
  • A.I. with easy and normal difficulties
  • Full-featured in-game map editor
  • One playable race - Foresters (of 3 in total)

A full-featured race with all its various units including its 4 Champions. The Foresters are a race composed mostly of slower and tougher units and Champions offering a lot of tricks to foil enemy attacks.

  • Two minor races - Elves and Trolls

The minor races exist in independent colonies scattered all over the map. They can be captured by the players and used to their advantage, offering powerful specials and legendary creatures that could turn the tide of the battle. Use the Elves to summer their life-giving Spirit of Creation and heal your armies, or make use of the legendary Troll Earthshaker to crush your enemies. Do what is best for your game strategy and swiftly defeat your opponents.

If you have further questions, please, do not hesitate to ask.

Minimum System Requirements:

DirectX 9.0 or newer

Computer: PC with 800 MHz Pentium II processor or better

Operating System: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP

Memory: 256 MB of system RAM

Video: 32 MB 3D Video card with DirectX 9.0 support.

Sound: A DirectX compatible 16-bit sound card

CD-Drive: 4x speed CD-ROM drive

Recommended System Requirements:

DirectX 9.0 or newer

Computer: PC with 2.0 GHz processor

Memory: 256 MB of system RAM

Video: 32 MB AGP4x 3D Video card

CD/DVD-ROM: 4x or faster CD-ROM

Network: A low-latency 14.4 Kbps modem or broadband Internet connection for playing Internet Games, and a TCP/IP local area network for playing LAN games

OS: MS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

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