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Rise of Naruto finally gets game

Video games based on Naruto, the increasingly popular Japanese Manga series, are to be released by Bandai America, the publisher has confirmed.

No game-specific information has been released as yet, including any timing for a game release. The deal also covers card trading games, so expect Bandai to go Naruto-mental before the end of the year.

Widely regarded as the "new Dragonball" among those who know about such things, the series - which centres on heroic ninjas and assassin-in-training protagonist Naruto Uzumaki - enjoys the affections of millions.

Bandai's deal was struck with Viz Media, the current holder of the television, home video and merchandising rights to Naruto for the USA and Latin America.

"We are so excited to be working with Bandai America on Naruto, they have a very deep understanding of the property and have been key partners in Naruto's enormous success in Japan.," said Cynthia Money, consumer products bigwig at VIZ Media.

No details on whether the games are going to make it to Europe as yet, but we're banking on the fact that they are.

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