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Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War

New planes and assorted tweaks provided by patch 1.004.

(Lake Forest, CA) - July 30, 2009 - CompuExpert announced today that Patch 1.004 has gone live in PC flight simulation Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War, developed by Russian developer neoqb and published by 777 Studios.

The new update to Rise of Flight includes a number of improvements to the combat flight simulator's interface. A new chat system has been implemented in network play, allowing players to communicate more easily. The flight map can now be accessed and navigated more conveniently, and menus and screens throughout the game have been improved. A profile statistics screen now tracks and displays a wide variety of statistics, keeping players up-to-date with data about their accomplishments.

A number of improvements have been made to Rise of Flight's multiplayer capabilities. In addition to the new chat system, connecting to other players for networked games is now easier, and server creation is now fully functional.

Two new airplanes have also been added to Rise of Flight with the update. The British S.E.5a biplane and the German Pfalz D.IIIa fighter join the other meticulously rendered World War I era planes.

Also included are improvements to the artificial intelligence that allow computer-controlled planes to fly and fight more effectively, increasing the simulator's challenge and realism.

About Rise of Flight

Rise of Flight is a World War I PC flight-simulation title from Moscow-based developer neoqb. The flight simulator, set in the Western Front in 1917, was built on the newly developed Digital Nature engine. More than 125,000 square kilometers of the territory have been redrawn from 20th Century maps. Rise of Flight allows virtual pilots to fly the famous Spad XIII, Fokker D.VII, Albatros D.Va and Nieuport 28 biplanes in exciting dogfight battles. Featuring advanced physics, flight and damage models, Rise of Flight promises a realistic, challenging and fun experience for simulation fans of all stripes and skill levels. Rise of Flight also implements full 6 DOF TrackIR support and is compatible with the TripleHead2Go multi-monitor system from Matrox.

Consumers can purchase Rise of Flight at:,,,,, Fry's Electronics, Microcenter, Wal-MartCanada and other fine retailers.

Interested resellers can contact CompuExpert direct.

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