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RIP-Trilogy Coming to Steam!

For Immediate Release

Montreal, Canada. May 24, 2007. - Software publisher, Meridian4 is pleased to announce an online distribution deal to distribute the Arcade/Shooter tri-pack; RIP-Trilogy via Steam, Valve's online platform for digital content distribution and management.

"We are thrilled to have this title on Steam, making it available to their millions of gamers worldwide. RIP-Trilogy will be a great fit with Steam's users looking for an addictive, arcade/shooter diversion," said Steven Milburn, Director of Marketing at Meridian4.

RIP-Trilogy will be available for online distribution through Steam in early June. This title has been rated T for Teen by the ESRB. For more information about RIP-Trilogy go to or visit

About RIP-Trilogy

With the completion of the third title in the RIP series, the RIP games have become an instant classic in the arcade-shooter genre. RIP - Trilogy brings all three RIP titles into one exciting and heart-pounding pack.


Not afraid of Death? What if he is accompanied by Halloween and Rock-N-Roll? Play the part of these antiheroes and go to war in this all-out action experience! Each character has their own strengths and skills, but this is not a game for the faint of heart. With over 40 levels to RIP through, the results are murderous!

RIP2 - Strike Back

Your favorite antiheroes are here to strike back with another score to settle. Death, Halloween and Rock-N-Roll...each character has his own strengths and skills, so pick one and start shooting. In Story Mode, you'll fight through 60 furious levels using an arsenal of upgradeable weapons, tanks, helicopters and turrets or for a quick adrenaline fix, play Rush Mode and see how long you can last.

RIP3 - The Last Hero

In the secret "Gap" bunker the Dictator's scientists discovered the portal to the Sorcery world. The first attempt of the cyborg troops to invade into the Magic kingdom failed. The magic leaked onto the Earth, changing everything around. The world was threatened with the great disaster... Three mortals from Earth's rebel forces and three immortals from the Sorcery world volunteered for the unannounced war. At midnight one of them will step into the portal between the worlds to stop the mad conqueror and free Earth...

The games combine the dynamics of a hardcore shooter while preserving the elusive classic arcade appeal and never let up on the intense action. Every level presents a new challenge, requiring you to not only prove your sharp-shooting, but to think and act tactically.

Over 200 levels of arcade shooting action 6 unique playable characters with varied and powerful skills to develop A huge arsenal of destructive weaponry, each with 2 shooting modes Capture and control military vehicles, including Tanks, Helicopters and Battle Turrets Fully destructible battlefield - all the objects can be damaged and destroyed 3 difficulty level settings to increase the intensity Different playing modes; Story and Rush modes Kid's mode allows you to control the blood RIP3 includes cooperative and multiplayer action for up to 6 players

About Valve

Based in Bellevue, Washington, Valve is an entertainment software and technology company founded in 1996. Valve's debut title, Half-Life®, has won over 50 Game of the Year Awards and named "Best PC Game Ever" in the November 1999, October 2001, and April 2005 issues of PC Gamer, the world's best-selling PC games magazine. Valve's portfolio of entertainment titles also includes Counter-Strike TM, Day of Defeat®, and Team Fortress® and accounts for over 18 million retail units sold worldwide, and over 88% of the PC online action market. More information may be found at

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About Elephant Games

Elephant Games, founded in 2003, is a software company focused on developing games for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. They have thousands of fans both in Russia and abroad. Here are just a few of our notable accomplishments and awards:

At the end of 2003 their game Crazy Worms was released on "The Best Games Of Russian Independent Developers - Time Out 5", a compilation disk published by MediaHouse. In early 2005 they worked with one of the largest Russian game publishers, Akella, on the CD "White Elephant", creating a funny cartoon-style arcade game for the whole family. Within five months of its initial release, Road Rush was downloaded and installed by more than 500,000 gamers across the globe. In March 2006 the game RIP was voted Best Indie Game of the Month by PC Zone. In August, 2006 the game RIP was released for retail in Russia and the countries of CIS with 1C with lots of positive feedback.

About Meridian4

Meridian4 is an interactive software publisher located in Montreal, Canada. We are a new publishing company, with new ideas and a different approach to forming partnerships with developers. The difference is we actually form a partnership - a true relationship characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility to achieve the best possible performance for their products.

For more information on RIP-Trilogy or to request a review copy, contact me at:

Steve Milburn


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