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RIP "Strike Back": a Storm of Emotions for Those Who Like to Shoot!

White Elephant Games unveils a new staggering arcade

From the gifted creators of "RIP", the indie game of the month in PC Zone, a silver medalist from GameTunnel and a holder of a Silver Star title on, comes a fresh sequel to this staggering arcade - RIP "Strike Back". This is a meticulously crafted fantasy adventure that lets you put all of your energy into action. You will have to combat with a variety of smart and dangerous creatures. The quick and unexpected course of events will keep you under constant pressure, yet the devil is not so terrible as he is painted, and you will be given a multitude of weapons to win this combat. Now, you can even get into a helicopter or use a real tank as a means of transport and march into this battle right on your tank, firing its canon and machine-gun.

You still feel a thirst for new emotions? So, get into a Ripper-Turret and crush everything! The game allows you to move easily across the battle field and use an entire arsenal of weapons. You can select any item from your ammo or choose a skill you need to use at a certain moment. In addition to this, RIP "Strike Back" features 5 new bosses with unique graphics and fighting skills. Apart from that, another amazing novelty is that now the most experienced players get bonuses not only for scores or levels, but also for the technique of mastering their weapons. Besides, this imagination-crushing arcade provides for a multitude of fresh original bonuses, which can even help you to turn your enemies into sheep.

RIP "Strike Back" allows you to destroy all objects on your battle field. This is a game, where you can give total freedom to yourself and crush everything on your way, since you need to fight against ugly human invaders. Flying dragons, bizarre

spaceships and loads of bonuses are waiting for you to come. Halloween, Death and Rock&Roll are three gifted warriors you can choose from. Each of the warriors has his unique properties, which you can apply to this art of war. Choose your hero and lead your way through this storm of emotions!

"This is an absolutely groovy game," says Nick Lamsky, one of our customers. What I like most of all about RIP "Strike Back" is its inner ambience. The glamour of the graphics deserves a shower of praises. Besides, my enemies became much smarter, than they were in RIP. It"s difficult to find proper words to describe this game. I think, a picture is worth thousand words".

RIP "Strike Back" Benefits at a Glance:

- Unique fairy creatures;

- An entire arsenal of fresh military equipment;

- 5 new bosses with unique graphics and fighting skills;

- A variety of original bonuses;

- Lots of eye candy in the graphics.

Pricing and Availability

RIP "Strike Back" runs under Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. A fully functional evaluation version of the game is available as a free download at

About White Elephant Games

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