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Riot Ball enters the gaming arena as a strong contender

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEBangalore, India - November 26, 2004 - You don't have to be a coin collector to enjoy Riot Ball, a new Breakout game from IronCode Software. But a knack for grabbing loose change and putting a spin on things can help you rack up a high score in the new arcade release from the creators of Last Man Standing.

Like other Breakout offerings, Riot Ball challenges the player to wipe out arrangements of bricks using a ball and paddle. But the new release changes the gameplay in entertaining ways. In addition to smashing bricks, the player can bounce coins for additional points, collect gems to load bonus levels and fight bosses that drop paddle busters.

In another twist, the player selects one of three paddles, each of which can perform different tricks.

Putting a spin on the ball, for instance, can help the player access hard-to-reach places, curve the sphere around a boss or do away with a pesky last brick.

Bonus points are awarded when a player pulls off multiple special moves.

Riot Ball also stakes its claim to individuality with an assortment of unique bonuses. One pickup stretches the paddle across the screen; another removes the walls along the edges of the display to allow the ball to disappear off one side and appear on the other.

The player can also combine pickups in order to create a devastating path of destruction. Grabbing the Fireball pickup and another bonus that allows the ball to power through bricks can create a shower of coins and clear the screen in seconds. Brick-busting weapons are on hand, too.

All new Breakout games worth their salt offer a variety of brick types. Riot Ball is no different.

Invulnerable bricks, explosive bricks and bricks that change qualities while the ball is in play combine with the game's pickups to create exciting, dynamic levels. Add numerous ways to chalk up bonus points, including hitting special bricks that decline in value as they drop toward the bottom of the screen, and the player has a game unlike any other Breakout title.

The full version of Riot Ball contains 170 levels and four visual themes. Visit to view screenshots, download a demo and purchase the full game.

About IronCode Software

IronCode Software is located in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Brothers Pallav and Guarav Nawani founded the company in order to create PC games. The siblings laid their hands on their first computer, a BBC Micro, in 1985. Two months later, Pallav created his first program. He went on to work as a professional software developer for Telco and Sasken, leading Indian engineering companies. Guarav is an experienced graphics artist who's produced all of the visuals for IronCode's games. The company's product line includes a tank shooter titled Last Man Standing, a free chess program and Riot Ball, a new-generation Breakout game. The company offers a 45-day money back guarantee on its games and free customer support. A shareware version of each release is available at


Pallav Nawani

IronCode Software

No. 15,

HAL II Stage,

Doopanahalli Main Road,

Airport Road,

Bangalore, 560008,


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