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Rhiannon: Fluch der Vier Zweige

German version now available.

Wales-based developer Arberth Studios has announced that the German-language version of its much loved and critically acclaimed ‘Rhiannon’ point & click PC adventure is now available as a download direct from its website.

Spokesperson Noel Bruton comments, “we first launched the boxed version of ‘Rhiannon: Fluch der Vier Zweige’ in September 2009, but we’ve since had a number of requests from players for a download version, hence today’s announcement. Some players prefer the speed of delivery, while others in non-EU countries will benefit from not having to pay import duties. And of course the download is at a slightly more accessible price than the boxed

version, because there are no delivery costs. In terms of playability, the download is identical to the boxed version, professionally localised into German, including spoken passages. The German-language player’s manual appears in PDF format.”

‘Rhiannon’ is the story of the modern-day haunting of a teenage girl, who has disturbing, ghostly visions soon after arriving at the secluded, run-down Welsh farmstead that her family intend to restore. The ancient Welsh legends of the Mabinogion have left a terrible curse on this place and it begins to drive Rhiannon insane. The family take her away to convalesce, leaving you to take care of the house and extensive grounds – and you find yourself drawn into defeating the ancient evil that has been taking lives for hundreds of years, Using deduction, exploration, magic and technology, you unravel the mystery along with the tragic stories of those who have preceded you.

Rhiannon is now available for download from in German, French and English. The company confirms that it will continue to offer ‘Rhiannon’ in boxed versions in English and German.

Rhiannon hit the headlines recently for having been honoured as ‘PC Adventure Game of 2009’ by players at France’s Planète Adventure website and forum, and for gaining the coveted ‘five stars’ award from German site

About Arberth Studios

Arberth Studios is a developer of point-and-click adventure games for the PC. Based in Wales, the three-person family team released its first game ‘Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches’ in Europe, the USA and Canada in Autumn 2008. It has since announced that production has begun on its second title ‘Coven’, a story encompassing witchcraft in the seventeenth century and the present day.

Press Contact:

Noel Bruton

Arberth Studios

+44 (0)1239 811646

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