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rFactor - Customise, Personalise, Control

Sniper and Image Space Incorporated presents the boxed version of rFactor, the critically acclaimed race simulator. Bringing premium racing simulation to the PC and online community, the rFactor franchise was launched in the third quarter of 2005. It has won a number of awards including Editors Choice from PC Gamer magazine. Offering the latest in vehicle and race customization, advanced graphics, and the height of racing realism the latest edition of rFactor will soon be available in your local retail store. rFactor provides unprecedented flexibility, allowing the series to grow and evolve with mod community involvement, race club formation, and feedback from users worldwide.

With a long history in automotive simulation, ISI have been developing sims for the military and civilians since the early 1990s. ISI is well known as the creator of EA's Formula 1 and NASCAR Thunder series, but also for a lesser known but highly innovative simulation called Sports Car GT (SCGT).

After successfully creating over a dozen products in the past ten years, Image Space took the next logical step with rFactor, creating a completely new technology base and development process. The rFactor graphics engine has been used in many successful games, including GTR 1 and 2, and GT Legends.

The rFactor series features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics. rFactor is the racing game you want to play, and will be available on DVD-ROM from the 16th November 2007.

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About Sniper

Sniper Entertainment is an international publisher specialising in PC, Mac and console games and utilities. Created in 1999, the company has successful working relationships with famous partners in many territories.

About Image Space Incorporated

Located in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) is a well respected software developer, specializing in the fields of computer game development, "man-in-the-loop" simulator architectures, computer image generation, and entertainment systems integration. Since its very beginning, ISI has established a highly skilled development team, with both artists and programmers dedicated to the design and development of cost-effective, high quality software and computer products. Having a broad experience with the latest in computer hardware and software systems allows ISI to offer rapid time-to-market and real-time performance for a variety of gaming and simulation applications. A creative flair, robust technology, and in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry gives ISI the technical and creative edge required in today's highly competitive market.

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