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RF Online expands its borders as the free expansion pack goes live!

First Western Giga expansion now live across all servers.

Codemasters Online Gaming has today released the first major content expansion for RF Online, the epic sci-fi and fantasy MMORPG. The new Giga update is now available, free of charge, across all servers.

This is the first Western expansion for RF Online and takes the game to Giga 4.1. Highly anticipated by the community, it automatically patches new content into the game, including:

  • Dark Hole: An entirely new themed, multi-zone battle dungeon where you can pit your wits against the Dark Hole pit boss.

  • Battle Dungeon Upgrade: An added 24 new instances created within the existing battle dungeon.

  • Battle Mode System: Added to enhance the already immense PvP experience.

  • New Skills: Four new class skills added along with exciting updates to 12 existing skills.

  • New Guild manager NPC: Better guild management system, streamlining guild formation and management process.

  • New Ammo: An entire range of new ammo for your favourite weapons.

  • Representative Chat System: Patriarchal chat system between guilds.

  • Chip War Quest System Upgrade: Additional user interface elements added to Chip War participants.

  • Macro System: Brand new auto setting enabled to create a better play experience - Auto Action, Auto Potion and Auto Chat.

  • Crafting System Upgraded: A range of crafting items

Ed Blincoe, Product Marketing Manager at Codemasters Online Gaming, commented:

"To make the Giga expansion available less than four months after RF Online was released is a major milestone for Codemasters Online Gaming. RF Online has gone from strength to strength and the additional free content shows our continued commitment and support for the game".

RF Online is now operating in the US and Europe and is published and operated in the US and Europe by Codemasters Online Gaming. For all the latest on the game, including the latest images, movies visit

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