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Revolutionise your World with the Renegade Gaming Chair

The Gaming Collection are proud to announce the UK launch of US best-seller the from the UGC (Ultimate Game Chair) range, the Renegade Game Chair.

Previous chairs from the UGC range have been featured in such movies as 'The forty year old virgin', 'Stay Alive', 'Grandmas Boy' and on 'CSI Vegas'. The Ultimate Games Chair comes in two latest versions (the Renegade and the UGC) both of which bring a whole new dimension to the gaming experience and to the phrase 'flying by the seat of your pants'.

Available now the Renegade allows gaming fanatics to connect their own wired controller to the chair, enabling them to retain their favourite and familiar gamepad whilst integrating the sensational features of the chair.

For those who want the maximum effect the chair shakes rumbles and rocks in time with the gaming action, headset speakers provide 3D sound whist ground-effect lighting adds that extra dimension to explosive action.

With reclining action for comfortable gaming, this great gaming chair also converts into a relaxing massage-recliner complete with kick plate.

Compatible with all major gaming consoles, the chairs sport a range of fabulous features designed to improve comfort and seriously enhance gameplay experience, including:

Ground Effects Lighting for action packed realism 3D Stereo Speakers for a immersive sound experience Headphone jacks to keep things quiet when you play into the night Audio out jacks for maximising sound through home theatres Smooth Reclining Action to provide the most comfortable playing position Multiple Massage Settings in sync with gameplay for unwinding after a hard days gaming A fantastic UGC patented 12 motor vibration system that besides giving the most authentic shakes and rumbles, out-shaking even the washing machine cycle. Connections for external devices (such as steering wheels and shooters) Pull-out compartment for easy storage of games and accessories Beverage and remote control holder - you need never get up again! And don't worry if you spill anything in excitement - the chairs are made from stain resistant fabrics.


The Renegade is compatible with all games stations including; Xbox, Xbox Live, PS2, PSOnline, Sony PSX, Gamecube and PC/Mac USB 2.0. Xbox 360, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and MP3 Players.

For full specifications please see the following link:



Now available and with delivery guaranteed well in time for Christmas, the Renegade can be ordered from the Gaming Collection Website situated off this link:



The Renegade will be priced at around £ 225.

The Ultimate Game Chair Inc:

The Ultimate Game Chair Company is devoted to the "ultimate gaming experience." True immersion requires maximum external stimulation with minimized distraction. The Ultimate Game Chairs will continually deliver all the benefits from video gaming technology in luxury and comfort.

At Ultimate Game Chair, our goal is to amplify the video-gaming experience. The company achieves this by escalating the existing effects of video games, and delivering them to gamers' senses in style, while delivering a comfortable gaming environment. Supporting Xbox, Playstation/PS2, and Game Cube platforms, the Ultimate Game Chair will revolutionize the world of video-gaming.

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We have limited review samples avlaiable now, if you are interested in reviewing one of these please fill in a sample request form (posted on the press pages as a PDF file) or e-mail your request to the press office. We will be arranging demonstrations and setting the UGC's up at publishers for several weeks of trial so you can all experience the bump, grind, shake, rock and roll that this 'total immersion' provides.

Press enquiries please contact:

Danielle Schofield at TRU PR

Tel: +44 (0) 845 833 8292

e: Renegade@tru-pr.co.uk

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Sales/Retail enquiries contact:

Joe Ibrahim at The Gaming Collection

Tel: 01257 477040

e: info@thegamingcollection.com

Url: www.thegamingcollection.com


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