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Review Copies of Book of Games Vol. 2 now available for the press

All New Games, All New Features

Book of Games Volume 2 takes up where Volume 1 left off and further establishes the series as the ultimate reference on videogames for gamers, parents and industry professionals alike. Book of Games is an international collaboration with contributions from more than sixty people. Highlights in Volume 2 include:

Detailed Coverage of 100+ New Games on All Major Platforms Over 1,000 Quality Photos and Artworks Feature Articles on Exciting Videogame Topics Like: The World of Hardcore Gaming Gaming in Schools Videogaming is Healthy - For Your Body and Mind Videogames as Art The Console Wars - The Battle for the Mainstream Market and the Casual Gamer Interviews with Tony Hawk, Skateboard Icon Petter Solberg, World Rally Champion Al Lowe, the Man Who Defined the Adventure Genre Jun Takeuchi, Chief Producer, Resident Evil 5 Rob Pardo, Chief Designer World of Warcraft Reference and Glossary Section with Tons of Useful Information

"The sleek hardback is a perfect conversation starter."


" just the right balance of information with entertainment reading."

-Hal Halpin, President, Entertainment Consumers Association

"I think that this book will do more to bring an understanding of the videogame culture to non-gamers than any collection of web sites and media articles could possibly do"

-Tami Quiring, KillaNet.net

"One of the most comprehensive looks at the gaming industry in years a treasure trove of information for both the casual and dedicated videogame enthusiast."

-Scott Steinberg, Author, Get Rich Playing Games and Videogame Marketing and PR

The Book of Games Volume 2 (400 pages)

Editors: Bendik Stang, Morten A. Osterholt, Erik Hoftun and Hans Christian Bjorne,

Pub. Date: November 1, 2007

Publisher: gameXplore® N.A. Inc

ISBN-13: 978-82-997378-21

Distribution: North America: Independent Publishers Group, Chicago. Europe: gameXplore Europe

Contact editor@bookofgames.com to request a digital review copy or get a 5 MB preview at www.bookofgames.com/download.htm

Book of Games Vol. 2 is published by gameXplore N.A. Inc., the North American subsidiary of gameXplore. gameXplore is the first company to systematically describe, compare, and categorize the content and challenges of interactive games. gameXplore offers innovative information solutions to retailers based on its objective gameplay database. Visit www.gameXplore.com for more information about the company.

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