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Revenant Rising

Fourth in the Gamebook Adventures series launches for iPad.


Thursday 9 December 2010

Gamebook Adventures makes its debut on Apple’s iPad with an amazing new reading experience bringing interactive fiction to the tablet age. Tin Man Games has announced that Gamebook Adventures 4: Revenant Rising is now available to download from the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad along with universal iPad updates to the previous three titles: An Assassin in Orlandes, The Siege of the Necromancer and Slaves of Rema.

The iPad release marks a significant event in gamebooks’ evolution on new digital reading platforms, offering a unique way to read and play within interactive stories. Readers can take control of an epic adventure in which you control your character’s destiny by choosing the path of the story, turning digital pages and battling creatures by rolling realistic 3D dice directly on to the surface of the book you are reading.

Neil Rennison, Creative Director for Tin Man Games said: “While our iPhone and iPod Touch versions are great, they are designed to fit the size of those devices. With the iPad we knew we could fully recreate the experience of reading a book, as the size almost mimics that of a paperback. It wasn’t enough to simply do quick conversion of the mobile phone versions.”

All of the great features found within the iPhone and iPod Touch versions remain the same but now have a new twist. The gamebooks can now be read portrait or landscape which can be easily changed by rotating the iPad. The inventory sheet and dice battling can be manipulated with the gamebook still open on the page you were reading, and bookmarks can still be placed so you don’t lose your place. You can still flick the iPad too to roll the dice.

Ben Britten Smith, Lead Programmer follows up: “It’s all right there. You never leave that book experience, and the extra screen space gives you so much more immersion.”


With the release of the iPad, Gamebook Adventures has been updated with new in-game graphics and artwork to work better with the increased resolution. Not only that, but Tin Man Games has made the titles all universal on the App Store.

“We didn’t want our core fans to pay out for a new app, therefore if you own the iPhone version, then you also now own the iPad version.” Neil concludes.

The fourth gamebook takes the reader back into the fantasy setting of Orlandes, which begins like any normal adventure but very quickly turns into your own personal nightmare. Revenant Rising sees you cruelly deceived, but given a chance for retribution by an unlikely source. Armed with the mysterious Soulsdeath, you find yourself amidst a battle at the heart of Orlandes’ military power, which could shake the political structure of the old Duchy. Can you rise to the occasion righting the wrongs and saving your own soul?

Gamebook Adventures 4: Revenant Rising has an amazing soundtrack and a new illustration style which perfectly captures the tone of the narrative. It is available to download now from the App Store along with its three predecessors, all of which can be read independent of one another. They all cost USD$4.99.

To keep up with the latest news follow the Gamebook Adventures Facebook page as well as the Twitter feed @TinManGamebooks. Other titles will be announced at a later date. Prices will be announced at the time of release.

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