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Return of the King of SID

The Crown King of game tunes returns to field on The Rocket's mobile game Pinball Dreaming

Release date: April 29, 2005 at 12.00 a.m.

Tampere, April 29, 2005. Rob Hubbard is a name recognized by everyone with even a smidgen of knowledge about the history of computer games.

Hubbard is a living legend who has composed music to hundreds of games. His most active period was from 1985 to 1989, as he created soundtracks to countless Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amstrad and Amiga games.

Hubbard moved on to Electronic Arts in 1989. He became the first regular sound technician for the company, and he worked on the sound of all EA games. Later on Hubbard was responsible for the sound in EA Sports games, and he worked as the audio director and audio technical director for EA, until he quit a few years ago after a total of 14 years.

Hubbard stopped composing game music in 1996-1997. However, his countless game compositions have given the face to game soundtracks.

"Rob is the best and most famous game composer of all times. Does anybody know any other game composer by name, except maybe Jesper Kyd? At one time, the games were sold on the basis of the composer's name: Hubbard. Hubbard is the John 'Star Wars' Williams or Danny Elfman in the world of games", says Juuso SalmijTMrvi, The Rocket's CTO, Marketing and Communication.

"Is there anything that would be more sensational in the world of games than the comeback of Rob Hubbard?", continues SalmijTMrvi.

Rob Hubbard will compose tracks for The Rocket's game Pinball Dreaming. These tracks can be selected as background for various tables in the game, and they can be played via the game's internal jukebox. Hubbard will also compose ringtones that can be purchased by using the game's terminal application. After purchase, these tones will be installed automatically to the phone.

These tracks will be the first game soundtracks that Hubbard has composed for almost a decade. Pinball Dreaming is the comeback of the unrivalled champion.

Hubbard will compose the music to the Pinball Dreaming game by using the "mod technique" developed in 1980s. According to Hubbard, it is a refreshing change compared to modern composing:

"Mod style tunes are in fact very much like using my old driver from the 80's. You are heavily quantised and pattern based, so you can't write in the same way as using MIDI - unless you really work very hard", says Hubbard.

"It's all good and fun to work on mobile game soundtracks. It's similar to the games industry of years ago, as opposed to the big business PS2/Xbox games of today."

"It's a fun gig working with The Rocket!"

Pinball Dreaming will be published in summer 2005 to Symbian-based mobile phones, which are manufactured by Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo, Siemens and Sony Ericsson, among others.

The Rocket is a mobile technology company founded in January, 2003 in Tampere, Finland. The core business of the company consists of smart phone content, namely games and music entertainment. Partners in music entertainment are the large record companies.

The content created by The Rocket is distributed, in addition to ringtone portals, through various media channels and an amazing super distribution method. By using super distribution, an application can be copied to a friend's phone wirelessly. The payment technology developed by The Rocket takes care of easy and reliable charging in the customer's phone invoice.

The Rocket aims to international mass markets, and the company is developing its technology platform to support the most popular smart phones, whose relative market share is growing at a tremendous pace. The Rocket differs from other mobile content producers by their passion to do more impressive things than their competitors, and in a smaller size.

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