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Retro-Soft's first release is pending for the TapWave and PalmOS!


Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK - Mar 11 2005 - An inspired port of the recent Spectrum game Lunaris is heading the way for TapWave.

Lunaris, a game originally written by Spectrum coding guru Jonathan Cauldwell, is nearing completion for the TapWave thanks to Alten8.com Developments. This game is a progression on the classic GravitarTM (by AtariTM) in which you must infiltrate the enemies base to collect the valuable orbs. This sounds like a simple concept, but is complecated by the fact that the gavity pull is constant, and you must use careful control of the ships thrust to navigate each base. Too much or too little thrust can prove desastourus, adding an essential eliment of careful skill to the game-play. This title will be released by Retro-Soft.co.uk - the publishing arm of Alten8.com developments. If sucessful, more games will be on the way!

About Retro-Soft.co.uk

Set up at the start of 2005, Retro-Soft, the publishing arm of Alten8 Developments, are TapWave and PalmOS publishers and have plans to release and re-release software across many obsolete formats such as the classic Amigas, Sinclair Spectrum, C64 and many other 8 and 16 bit machines.


Paul Andrews - info@retro-trader.com


About Retro Bytes PR

Retro Bytes PR works with a growing number of small not-for-profit and co-operative software publishers and developers to ensure the best possible publicity for the increasing number of high-quality homebrew software titles released today.


Shaun Bebbington - retrobytespr@mail.com

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