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Retro Gamer editor talks CGE UK

As the full line-up of special guests for this year's Classic Gaming Expo (CGE UK) is announced, Retro Gamer editor Martyn Carroll has revealed details of sponsorship plans for the event.

Speaking to, Caroll said that the magazine is delighted to sponsor CGE UK for the second year running. "I think that the event is important in that it brings together all corners of the retro community. Retro shows are certainly not a new thing, but in the past they've tended to concentrate on specific formats.

"CGE UK, on the other hand, covers everything related to retro gaming, from computers and consoles to arcade machines and pinball tables."

As part of the sponsorship deal, Retro Gamer will host a stand running special promotions throughout the day. "There will be a number of classic arcade machines on our stand, and we'll be offering prizes to gamers who register the highest scores," said Carroll.

"We'll also have a collection of rare retro hardware on display," he added.

CGE UK organiser Chris Millard recently announced the line-up of special guests booked to attend the expo, which includes Jet Set Willy creator Matthew Smith, ex-Bullfrog employee Andy Nuttall, legendary developer and collector Archer MacLean and Simon Butler and Mark Jones of Ocean Software. In addition, Galaxians world record holder Gary Whelan will attempt to beat his own record at the event.

"Matthew Smith stole the show last year, and it's great that he'll be returning," Carroll commented.

"However, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Archer MacLean's private coin-op collection. He'll be bringing along several machines, all of which have been lovingly restored to their former glory."

The Retro Gamer editor went on to say he was keen to attend the Q&A session with Butler and Jones. "It should also be very revealing, as Ocean really was the EA of its day," he said.

Published by Cheshire-based firm Live Publishing, Retro Gamer is the UK's only newsstand retro magazine. It proved an instant hit with classic gaming fans when it launched at the end of 2003, with copies of the sold-out first issue changing hands for more than £80 on eBay.

Other confirmed CGE UK attendees include, Cronosoft, and gamesTM. The event will take place in Croydon's Fairfield Halls on Saturday August 13. More information is available at

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