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Retailer complains of "no margin" following Wii price hike

Nintendo's move "goes against the economy" according to online retailer's Igor Cipolletta has said that Nintendo's move to raise the price of the Wii, due to the depreciation of the Pound, has left the online retailer with "no margin".

Speaking to, Cipolletta described how the decision came as an unwelcome shock to the company, adding that he believed the move was a mistake given the current economic climate.

"It's very bad," he said, admitting: "If it's true that they want to increase it by [at least] GBP 18 then there is no margin for us at all."

"It's very disappointing because we believed that after two years the Wii machine would get cheaper rather than more expensive - I've heard that this is the first time in history that the price has gone up for a machine after two years."

He continued: "If you look at the history, the pound was higher [against the Euro] and they've been making quite a percentage more of money, so now they can take the loss rather than increase the price."

"Plus it goes against the economy, in England we have job losses and all this, which makes it increasingly difficult to afford a machine - this doesn't help them."

"I'm concerned about the software, maybe the software could go up," he commented, concluding: "I don't think it should."