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Superhot VR update removes scenes that show self-harm

Title was soon targeted by Steam 'review-bombing' as a result of the amendment

SuperHot VR sells over 2m copies

Sales of all versions of the game passed two million last year

Superhot VR grosses $2m over Christmas period

Superhot Team's VR shooter racks up figure over seven days across all platforms

IndieBI: Superhot Team's biz dev platform that helps indies stay indie

Business developer Tomas Kaczmarczyk on why good business intelligence benefits the whole industry

Superhot launches indie development fund

Director of special projects Callum Underwood details how the studio is giving back to the indie community with Superhot Presents

Superhot passes two million lifetime sales

VR accounts for around 40% of game's total sales

Superhot VR sells 800k

Superhot Team's FPS has now made more in revenue across VR releases than it has in non-VR


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