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Ark: Survival Evolved gets an animated series

David Tennant, Russell Crowe, Vin Diesel, Elliot Page among the cast of show coming in 2022

Why go for a surprise launch?

Studio Wildcard and Grapeshot Games co-founders Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak discuss the pros and cons of debuting their new MMO Atlas on short notice

Ark dev: "Retail was not something we had planned to do"

Studio Wildcard's Jesse Rapczak on the benefits of retail in a digital era, Ark getting enhanced for Xbox One X, and possibly targeting Switch

Ark: Survival Evolved cross-play would take "a few days" to enable

Studio Wildcard says there's "nothing preventing" players from coming together - apart from "policy issues" at Sony

Sony “won't allow” cross-platform play for Ark: Survival Evolved

Platform holder still reluctant to allow PS4 players to engage online with Xbox One owners

Ark: Survival Evolved price increase is "outrageous", says DayZ creator

RocketWerkz CEO Dean Hall believes Ark is "nowhere near" stable enough for $60 Early Access price and retail release

Studio Wildcard doubles Ark price "to ensure retail parity"

Early Access version now $59.99 ahead of full PC launch next month

With 9 million players, Ark: Survival Evolved is finally ready to launch

Studio Wildcard to release 'final' version in August, but paid mods and a busy update schedule mean its growth isn't over

Ark: Survival Evolved program will pay 15 modders $4k a month

Selection will be evaluated and refreshed each month, with best modders paid until their content is finished

Ark: Survival Evolved sells 1 million on PS4

Sony port of Studio Wildcard's debut was best-selling game on PSN for December and January

Ark expansion sparks familiar Early Access concerns

Community factions kick back against paid Scorched Earth DLC ahead of Survival Evolved's full release

Studio Wildcard: "We just aren't cut out for free-to-play mechanics"

Ark developer withdraws free-to-play Survival of the Fittest as a standalone product

Studio Wildcard will pay for ARK: Survival Evolved mod content

The creators of two new maps were paid "several months salary" and hired by the company

Trendy sues Studio Wildcard over origins of Ark: Survival Evolved

UPDATE: Case settled, details emerge on Twitter

Studio Wildcard wants PS4 owners to ask for early access

"It's unfortunate that some gamers can't experience that right now and take part in development as the Xbox players are"

Don't think of Early Access as a funding solution - Studio Wildcard

Ark: Survival Evolved dev says games in pre-release programs should be almost finished but in need of feedback

Ark: Survival Evolved hits 2 million sales

"Early Access is a privilege, not an excuse," says Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak

ARK sells 1m, studio partners with Epic

Studio Wildcard creates custom mod editor for dinosaur title


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